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Looking To Expand To Spain? 5 Reasons To Look No Further Than Valencia

Autor/Author :   José Moliner de Smartlabstdios Valencia

When founders are ready to take the plunge to expand internationally, numerous factors go under the microscope. According to a recent survey of 321 founders conducted by Start-up Heatmap Europe, access to talent is the most important. Next is ease and cost of doing business, followed by access to capital, and finally the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture.

Valencia checks all of these boxes. 

Sprinkle in sunshine, stability, and safety - and you’ve got a pretty good recipe for success.

Looking To Expand To Spain? 5 Reasons To Look No Further Than Valencia

It’s no wonder Spain’s third largest city, a talent hub for entrepreneurs and an unbeatable quality of life, is earning a well-deserved place on the European start-up map. 

Historically, when founders were looking to expand, it was only the largest and most well-known cities they would consider. In Spain, that meant Madrid or Barcelona. Today, the start-up climate is changing.

According to the Start-up Heatmap, there are certain cities - hidden gems if you will - quietly on the rise and definitely worth your consideration.

“Instead of endorsing Berlin or London as the biggest start-up hubs in Europe, we want to take you on a journey to find that hidden gem, the regional champion, or even the local underdog, which may become the next big thing in the European start-up landscape.”

Valencia is definitely one of these hidden gems.

With a population just under 1 million, this city has everything it needs to be a major metropolis, yet isn’t too overwhelmi