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It is key to use a proactive approach in order to improve productivity.  Many companies use a reactive mode after something on the P&L results does not show positive results and look into history what happened to try to resolve it . Proactive companies measure OEE and productivity on daily basis, evaluate the symptoms that causes lost time, inefficiencies and quality issues, provide a positive environment to allow people to take ownership and invest on solutions that reduce waste like automatic process data collection, people development, lean manufacturing implementation among others that help them identify and tackle the real root causes that impact their business. 

Proactive companies understand the value added that comes from innovation and promote it from different fronts: Active Continuous Improvement Programs, implement a Project Management Office to focus resources and effort to achieve the desired goals, teach their employees problem analysis and solution Technics like 5 Whys, Ishikawa fish bones, DMAIC, A3, etc. and promote business learning thru the expansion of knowledge practicing Yokoten.

Being proactive is a matter of attitude, company leaders must embrace this and lead the business thinking in the long term, employees need to learn to be accountable, this means to practice responsibility to the latest extend of it's meaning, and learn to live with the consequences of their actions.

Attitude is a small thing that makes a huge difference!

Let’s promote pro-activity and smart investment to became top business players and give back by protecting the environment!

Brikh Akli Dec 1, 2019 · #2

Employees must now what they do why they do  it. 

Kevin Baker Dec 1, 2019 · #1

employees need to learn to be accountable. Does this include everyone?

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