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Who's The Boss?

Who’s (who is – pronoun) introduces a question

the (adjective) indicating most important

Boss (noun) one in charge

Some people know who the boss is – masses of people don’t think about who or what they work for.  Ever see the guy on the corner with the sign that says: “Will work for food”?  If it were my sign it would say “Will work to go fishing” or “Will work for time with my wife”.

Then there are the people who seem to have it all – but sometimes it appears they are always chasing something. It’s probably a simple thing – they have forgotten who they work for.Who's The Boss?

About 10 years ago I became an accidental advocate for child rights when a kid I knew and loved was in a place where he did not have a strong voice and it was up to us (me and my wife) to be a voice for him. So for a long time I worked for him.

There is a song by Mumford and Sons called “Awake My Soul”. The lyrics deliver a concept I had never thought of before. “In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die, where you invest your love, you invest your life”. I had always thought of investment almost exclusively in business terms.  I thought it was really cool to think about investing in things you love instead of stocks.

Which is why I started this blog, website, and all the ideas and resources you’ll find on Reclaimed Sales.

What would happen if you could do your job - run your business - be a better leader – or lead from where you are – more successfully and then be able to invest more in the things you love in life?

When I interview a new member for our marketing, sales or service team the most important question I ask is this: “If you had all the money you needed, and you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?”

When you ask that question you also give permission for honesty. It lets the person who is looking for a job know that you are not looking for a lifetime commitment, you are asking them to give their time and talents to you for a season as they move closer to their dreams. Most importantly it gives you a glimpse into what they are working for and gives you the opportunity to keep them moving to their sweet spot within your company.

I spent the 1990’s as a salesperson, a sales manager and a marketing and operations manager. I spent the first part of the 2000’s in finance, the latter half in marketing exclusively.

All that time I have been building marketing departments, sales departments and most importantly – building teams and integrating marketing into organizations.

I want to share some really killer ideas and some entirely new concepts that I've spent time proving out.

The content you receive from me will give you a head start on marketing strategy, ideas on leadership and business acumen and will let you perform better in the workplace and spend as much time as you can investing in life!

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