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A Few Reasons Why beBee Still Rocks

A Few Reasons Why beBee Still Rocks

I'm not a beBee ambassador. Never have been. I'm not even sure what an ambassador does exactly (other than the diplomats you find in an embassy!). Still, ever since some former bee introduced me to this platform, I've been present, if not active in it. And no, I didn't know Javier or any members of his team either. So, what is it that keeps beBee present in my awareness, and why do I have a keyboard shortcut to this site?

Well, there are various reasons why someone would be here. It’s a subjective matter, just like wine preference. Here are my reasons why I find that beBee still rocks after all these years.

1. It's super inclusive and diverse in membership. Although its creators are Spanish, people from all over the world are on it. The guy who introduced me to it is from Japan, which I've even seen an Italian bee here a few times (I can't understand everything he writes about, but his articles sure help me practice my Italian!). Considering that not everyone speaks English and Spanish as widely as people in first world countries, it's fascinating how beBee has managed to maintain a relative diversity in its members.

2. There are all sorts of articles here, from the more political ones to several social ones, to even niche topics like Cybersecurity and Data Science. OK, I may be responsible for a large part of the latter, but still!

3. There is a considerate amount of engagement in the comments section. I've even seen people comment on the short buzzes and start interesting discussions. How often do you see that happening on other platforms? Unless you are an influencer on those platforms, chances are that your content there isn't going to have as much traction.

4. There is an atmosphere of respect among most of the bees. Not everyone agrees on everything, but if you disagree with someone, you may still talk to them without resorting to insults and irrelevant remarks, as it happens elsewhere. I've seen people swear at each other in some places, even when they seem to agree on a topic. This kind of behavior is rarely observed on beBee.

5. You can connect and even interact with one of the founders of the platform. Although this is not a unique feature (the Minds founder often interacts with the members of his platform), it’s something uncommon for most SM since their founders are in some ivory tower somewhere.

6. Good content can remain relevant long after it's published. That's not to say that this always happens, but it does happen. I've seen an article from 4 years ago still linger on my feed, while it's not too difficult to find articles that you've enjoyed on the author's page. On places like LI, for example, unless you bookmark a post, you'll probably never find it again (articles are an exception).

7. It’s a free-speech platform. I’ve saved the best for last. After the censorship issue that plagues most mainstream SM platforms, it’s good to know that there are places like beBee where you can voice a dissenting view. After all, the latter is a fundamental aspect of any self-respecting democracy or mature society in general.

What are your thoughts on this matter? What’s your favorite thing about beBee that keeps you visiting it, even if the luster of newness has faded away? Cheers.

Thank you @John White, MBA for the share!

Javier 🐝 CR 6 d ago · #21

#19 Gracias Juan ;)

Javier 🐝 CR 6 d ago · #20

#17 gracias Irene

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John White, MBA 6 d ago · #19

Glad to see the hive buzzing! Hello, everyone!

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Irene 🐝 Rodriesco 6 d ago · #18

#4 Absolutely. Every time I have left my province I have tried to meet the bees with whom I became friends. An absolutely enriching experience. I miss being able to attend events and still meet bees.

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Irene 🐝 Rodriesco 6 d ago · #17

🥰La razón 4, adoro @bebee por el respeto que se siente, es lo que me atrapó. En ninguna otra red he visto nada parecido. El año pasado en confinamiento tw se convirtió en un hervidero. Face es terrible

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#15 I just heard about this today. It seems that Minds is experiencing a new renaissance as a result. I hope beBee does too!

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Nick Mlatchkov 7 d ago · #15

"After the censorship issue that plagues most mainstream SM platforms"

Now it peaked to an all-time high on Twitter & FB!!

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