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So, You Want to Write a Technical Book?

So, You Want to Write a Technical Book?

You've written a few blog articles, maybe some of them making it on respectable sites, and you've even created a tutorial or a case study once. Now you are ready for something bigger, something that could help you establish yourself as an authority of sorts in a field. You've heard about personal branding and you may have been applying that strategy through relevant sites, like beBee, but you feel you are ready for the next step: writing and publishing your own book. After all, how hard can it be, since every other blogger or YouTuber out there has done it, or is considering doing it soon? Well, it definitely is easier than it used to be, but getting a *good* book out there and getting some revenue out of it definitely isn't that easy, no matter what some sites say! I'm talking about non-fiction books, by the way, since fiction writing is a whole different animal and I'd rather let my mentor lead the way there!

What's a Technical Book?

Most modern non-fiction books are under the umbrella of technical books, since they are the ones that are more viable commercially. There are several other intriguing categories of non-fiction books, such as scientific books, books on self-improvement, and even philosophical books, all of which are worthwhile, but considerably more challenging as they require a great deal of expertise and/or life experience. Technical books on the other hand are far more approachable and easier, in some respect. But what does it take exactly to make such a project happen?

The Book Writing Process

For starters, you need to decide on a topic that you are adequately comfortable in, perhaps one that you have worked on professionally. You don't need to have some academic qualification necessarily, though that definitely helps. Then, you have to talk to someone who knows the market to see if that book has a chance of being read by more than your close f