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The Hidden Dangers of A.I. (excerpt)

The Hidden Dangers of A.I. (excerpt)


    Recently I had a couple of very insightful conversations with some people, over drinks or coffee. We talked about A.I. systems and how they can pose a threat to society. The funny thing is that none of these people were A.I. experts, yet they had a very mature perspective on the topic. This lead me to believe that if non-experts have such concerns about A.I. then perhaps it’s not as niche a topic as it seemed. BTW, the dangers they pinpointed had nothing to do with robots taking over the world through some Hollywood-like scenario, but were far more subtle, just like A.I. itself. Also, they are not about how A.I. can hurt us sometime in the future but how its dangers have already started to manifest. So, I thought about this topic some more, going beyond the generic and quite vague warnings that some individuals have shared with the world over interviews. The main dangers I’ve identified through this quest are the following:

    * Over-reliance on A.I.

    * Degradation of soft skills

    * Inevitable bugs in automated