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How to Decorate a Modern Office to Improve Employee Happine

How to Decorate a Modern Office to Improve Employee Happine

A modern working environment is a place run by millennials, whether anyone else would like to accept that fact or not. That is why the new office needs to genuinely cater to that fact. Today’s working environments need to be fun, productive and conducive to the modern work values. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can work to improve the employee happiness in the long-term.

Give Them Room to Move

Being stationary, chained to a desk or otherwise stuck can be terrible for the modern worker. Not only is it bad for their health, but it can also perpetuate the boredom that comes with the natural working life. If you’re stuck in a very small and crowded space for too long it can be very disheartening in the long term.

Introduce Some Nature

Green, freshness and other such natural forces should be fully incorporated into your office space without a doubt. Plants are obviously the best way to make sure this happens in an organic way. But, they can be expensive to upkeep and if they die it may leave the office looking a little drab and disheartened.

If you don’t fancy introducing an office plant or the upkeep involved. Then be sure to at least have somewhere natural for your workers to regularly escape to. A garden, roof space or similar is ideal for this purpose.

Mix Up Space

An open plan office is all the rage in the modern workplace, but it’s awful for concentration. A simple but often overlooked fact.

There is definitive psychology to office space (apparently). So, if you manage to separate some of the areas it should be done using a communal, safe, space. After all, if your workers have nowhere to escape to in order to relax they can begin to feel trapped or stuck in a certain place. This is bad for morale as well as causing a bunch of other issues potentially.

Also, consider where you place desks and whether or not they get enough natural vs. artificial light. Fake light can be extremely bad for the psyche of your workers. So, ensuring there are enough windows and natural light filtering through into the office throughout the day is pretty vital.

Think About Colour

White is the colour of cleanliness. Fresh starts. Red is power (though this is debated). Yellow is warm and denotes energy. If you want to have innovation in your office then you need it to be green. Blue is best for an office of creative people, as it is a calming influence.

Of course, you want to incorporate your branding. But, if it involves colours which don’t improve employee moods then you might want to consider toning it down to simply accent the room. Black branding obviously shouldn’t translate to a fully black room, as that will obviously make people feel terrible. Black accents around the room, however, could work nicely for modern style.

Consider Productivity

One of the biggest struggles of modern work is ensuring that your workers are actually… well, working. Productivity can be a major struggle nowadays so making this work is a necessity.

Make sure you have a definitive office, kitchen and communal area. This way, people know when they should be working vs. when they can sit back and relax a little bit. The psychology behind this separation is pretty simple. But, it can actually be pretty effective when it comes to working. And decorate it accordingly! Some designer bar stools, contemporary couches and the like really can go a long way when it comes to ensuring your office has a modern, but comfortable, flare to it.

And there you have it! A bunch of tips for achieving something which is both beautiful and productive! Meaning you can have a stylish office, without losing some of the vital things needed to actually get work done.