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The Art of Deception [full version]

The Art of Deception [full version]THE ART OF DECEPTION

First of all, can you say irradiated oil? Forget female circumcisions and honor killings. Did you know that Hilary Clinton is mocking the white young professionals (i.e., swing voters; i.e., women swing voters; note: Clinton fosters the atmosphere of “the glass ceiling,” and the rape culture of today, where you have to go down on your female boss, or male boss, but boring, to get ahead in your career; e.g., “The Devil Wears Prada.” This country needs an uprising from independent strong intelligent women who are capable of carving out the landscape such as some of the “Sex and the City” women, and this current climate that Hillary Clinton created with her pig in the dirt tactics is a perfect one for such change, ironically, you have to vote against Hillary Clinton in order to shake things up for a few years while you are trying to establish your lifelong career; note: this is regardless of whether or not Trump is running against Clinton, and if you are worried about Trump and women, well, isn’t his strong young professional intelligent daughter going to handle Trump’s policies towards women in America?) that are going to elect her President? This is due to the nature of her attacks on Donald Trump. This is because, when Hillary Clinton gets elected, she is going to cause a Great Depression in America through her actions, which are an extension of Obama’s actions (note: the stock market lost 200 points this week of October 12, 2016). Here are just some examples:

Take for instance, Obamacare. Insurance companies are pulling out even when you are paying higher premiums, because young professionals do not want Obamacare; thus, Hillary Clinton is going to “create” a healthcare system like Cuba (note: the reason this is, is because she tried to create a national healthcare system as First Lady under Clinton’s administration, where she failed miserably; note: nobody, in the main stream media, has mentioned this in the past year), which means more bureaucracy, which means poor healthcare like the V.A. hospitals give (note: she said she was going to fix the V.A. hospitals, and when a politician says this, you know they are a straight up liar, because nobody has done it yet after 30 years?).

Obamacare has decimated the middle class (i.e., small businesses) and jobs have not recuperated, regardless of what Obama says, because small businesses cannot bring back full-time jobs with Obamacare in place, due to the mandate of Obamacare (note: this is “smart business,” just as Trump paying as little as possible in taxes is “smart business”), or they wouldn’t be in business for very long (note: Obama’s 8 trill