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The Art of Deception [full version]

The Art of Deception [full version]THE ART OF DECEPTION

First of all, can you say irradiated oil? Forget female circumcisions and honor killings. Did you know that Hilary Clinton is mocking the white young professionals (i.e., swing voters; i.e., women swing voters; note: Clinton fosters the atmosphere of “the glass ceiling,” and the rape culture of today, where you have to go down on your female boss, or male boss, but boring, to get ahead in your career; e.g., “The Devil Wears Prada.” This country needs an uprising from independent strong intelligent women who are capable of carving out the landscape such as some of the “Sex and the City” women, and this current climate that Hillary Clinton created with her pig in the dirt tactics is a perfect one for such change, ironically, you have to vote against Hillary Clinton in order to shake things up for a few years while you are trying to establish your lifelong career; note: this is regardless of whether or not Trump is running against Clinton, and if you are worried about Trump and women, well, isn’t his strong young professional intelligent daughter going to handle Trump’s policies towards women in America?) that are going to elect her President? This is due to the nature of her attacks on Donald Trump. This is because, when Hillary Clinton gets elected, she is going to cause a Great Depression in America through her actions, which are an extension of Obama’s actions (note: the stock market lost 200 points this week of October 12, 2016). Here are just some examples:

Take for instance, Obamacare. Insurance companies are pulling out even when you are paying higher premiums, because young professionals do not want Obamacare; thus, Hillary Clinton is going to “create” a healthcare system like Cuba (note: the reason this is, is because she tried to create a national healthcare system as First Lady under Clinton’s administration, where she failed miserably; note: nobody, in the main stream media, has mentioned this in the past year), which means more bureaucracy, which means poor healthcare like the V.A. hospitals give (note: she said she was going to fix the V.A. hospitals, and when a politician says this, you know they are a straight up liar, because nobody has done it yet after 30 years?).

Obamacare has decimated the middle class (i.e., small businesses) and jobs have not recuperated, regardless of what Obama says, because small businesses cannot bring back full-time jobs with Obamacare in place, due to the mandate of Obamacare (note: this is “smart business,” just as Trump paying as little as possible in taxes is “smart business”), or they wouldn’t be in business for very long (note: Obama’s 8 trillion dollar debt that he added to our National Public Debt has causes all prices to rise over the past eight years due to inflation; e.g., the cost of all of the materials that small businesses use to create their products has risen over the past eight years).

Furthermore, the reason that Hilary Clinton wants to close down the coal industry is so that her “corporate masters” can buy up the coal industry for pennies on the dollar, where, if a Republican is elected in the future, the coal industry will be “reopened” with all that wealth going into the pockets of those who Hilary Clinton is a puppet for (i.e., not the Americans that started those businesses as part of their America dream; note: reportedly, there is 1,000 years worth of coal left in America). This is why Hillary Clinton is in favor of the TPP and why she wants complete open borders (i.e., because she is a puppet for the United Nations, which is the tool of Hillary Clinton’s corporate masters; i.e., the One World Order). Note: Hillary Clinton’s corporate masters want to own all of the resources of the planet, which includes Human Resources; i.e., you! Have you heard of the term sheeple?

Because investor confidence is already shaken, America is ripe for a Great Depression (e.g., note the cities in America who’s local government is bankrupt due to lack of taxes and poor spending choices, as well as fraud); furthermore, when this happens, young professionals will not have a job to report to with their free college education, and everybody will be worth twenty-five percent of what they are worth now (note: Hillary Clinton is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, like Mark Cuban, and everyone in Hollywood, while you’re making, what, minimum wage?)

When the shit hits the fan, the police are going to protect the richest whitest neighborhoods (i.e., the middle-upper class and above), and leave you young white professionals to your own devices (note: when Russia collapsed, the classically trained ballerinas at the Bolshoi became prostitutes in order to feed themselves); thus, with crime being what it is regarding the police force keeping crime in check, you will be murdered, raped, or worse (e.g., damaged goods; note: currently, in the poorest neighborhoods in America, it takes the police up to 3 days to respond to a call; e.g., Public Enemy’s “911, it’s a joke”). Did you know that there is an Isis caliphate in place in America, where you were taught to let Isis murder you, rape you, and give your daughters a female circumcision in college with your “political free” zones? Home of the free, land of the brave…. See the movie The Great Debaters from Oprah Winfrey, Solyent Green, or the Matrix regarding an example of people being fed to other people.

What this says, is that Hillary Clinton’s corporate masters (as well as Hillary Clinton, who knows what is “going on,” regardless of her Miss Amos benign grandma persona) are mocking you young professionals by giving you a choice between Donald Trump (with current attacks being what they are) and Hillary Clinton, because Donald Trump’s stance is not to sell you out to Hillary Clinton’s corporate masters, where said corporate masters are creating an unsafe atmosphere in America regarding your “lily white virginal asses (note: who do you think the American people are going to blame for what is to come?)”

Hilary Clinton’s corporate masters have been getting around our form of government through “executive orders” and “judicial activism.” David Spangler of the United Nations: “Lucifer, like Christ, stands at the door of man’s consciousness and knocks . . . He becomes the being who carries that great treat, the ultimate treat, the light of wisdom.”

Furthermore, don’t receive the RFID chip on your right hand or forehead as part of the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme (note: there is a # on the bottom of your birth certificate that is on the stock market, because “they” used the American people as collateral in order to print Federal Reserve money).

The R.F.I.D. chip is being promoted by the Freemasons, and is currently in many states in America (i.e., under the media radar).

The Federal Reserve is a slavery Ponzi scheme, because the “public debt” is never meant to be paid back, but put in place and grown in order for Hilary Clinton’s corporate masters to chip everybody like livestock. Note: the Supreme Court “legislated” Obamacare as a tax in order to render everyone as tax liable in order to chip everyone. (note: this is in conjunction with the “luciferin initiation” spoken of the U.N. spokesperson of the 1970’s, that “everyone would have to take in order to enter the One World Order”).

“Render unto Cesare the things that belong to Cesare, and to God the things that belong to God.”

Take the three temptations of Satan towards Jesus Christ when he took Jesus on the temple and offered him all of the wealth and power of the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him (this is why Washington D.C. looks the way that it does), and apply this to all of the above; thus, the RFID chip (which is a mark of livestock) is a permanent mark that breaks the First Commandment of the Ten Commandments of God that you cannot take off, because it is a contract with Satan and his kingdom.

Regarding Freemasonry and “the great architect,” see The Hoover Damn (the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme and the RFID chip), The Space Needle (also the RFID chip, where the Freemasons worship Osiris and The Dog Star as their specific form of blasphemy towards God), Niagara Falls (a Great Depressions and food), and Florida (note: the flowers represent Saints in The Catholic Church).

“X” marks the spot (no pun intended), or a fallen cross due to the whoredom of Babylon (i.e., selling your soul for “comfort”); note: the NIV version of The Holy Bible is reportedly being changed in order to “change” Jesus Christ into Satan, and vice-versa; thus, where do you think the “antichrist” is coming from. (note: a Catholic Church in my town plays the chimes from Big Ben, where the Freemasons want to combine The Catholic Church and the church of England).

On one last point, the H.A.A.R.P. machine in Alaska is why farmers are losing their farms so that the GMO people can corner the food market (this is why there has been a drought in California for the past decade or so, and what “global warming” is a cover story for; note: other countries are also messing with weather patterns, including Russia; note: when you put energy into the atmosphere, as attached to con-trials that attract heat through force from ULF waves, where microwaves also add heat to the atmosphere concerning its water content, then you get faster moving weather patterns), because when our next Democratic President throws us in a Great Depression, you will receive an R.F.I.D. chip for food, or you can hunt and barter.

Note: homeless are being R.F.I.D. chipped up in South Carolina (in a F.E.M.A. camp), and it is illegal to be homeless in South Carolina; also, children are being chipped up in Wyoming without parental consent (i.e., at school as part of the free lunch program).

Note: Hillary Clinton likes the Federal Reserve welfare system that keeps Americans in poverty, where she then wants to take away your civil rights whenever there is a shooting, because her corporate masters want to enslave the American people without firing a shot (note: if America wasn’t raped by its leaders, people would be wealthy enough so that there would be no unrest in America; however, “they” don’t want cattle coming into sustainable wealth over the course of generations; i.e., new money. Did you know that Bill Clinton put into place Fusion Centers in America, which is America’s version of the Gestapo?).

 From what I can tell, the method behind the gangstalking is military intelligence as based on Freemasonry. Satan/Lucifer and his army are waging a psychological campaign upon me right now (note: these people are also the infiltrators that are “whoring out” for Hilary Clinton’s corporate masters).

A federal democracy is what Germany was until Hitler was elected (i.e., one man, one vote, and then your part is done; you may then return to being cattle. Do you realize that a country can never be taken over until all of its sovereign citizens “whore out?” Note: apply the first six Star Wars movies to the one world order, where the commerce guild are the bankers, the trade federation are Hillary Clinton’s corporate masters, and the emperor is Satan himself, and what do you get.

This goes along with Agenda 21, which does to the American people what was done to the Native Americans (i.e., put you in a F.E.M.A. camp), which is the manifest destiny of Hillary Clinton’s corporate masters; i.e., they think that the American people are so stupid that they need to be enslaved (i.e., the illuminati).

This goes along with cops killing people due to Obama’s executive order putting us in a state of martial law in times of peace (e.g., WACO, or We Aint Commin Out), which is the revival of the Roman Empire under Universal commercial code (note: this gets around Posse Comitatus).

Note: this is an Agenda 21 town. P.S. have you seen Hillary Clinton's website regarding her “global initiative”? Note: the long and short of it is that “their” overall plan is to damn mankind by blaspheming The Apocalypse of Saint John the Apostle, or by conventional means according to the Georgia Guidestones.

On one last point: military intelligence is utilized in “gangstalking” according to what I have observed for the past decade (approximately). Here is how “gangstalking” works for its purpose, and the purpose can be inferred.

You are all worshipping a nuclear bomb (e.g., “the planet of the Apes,”), or nuclear bombs (e.g., the Democrats giving nuclear bombs to Iran, which is of Persia, Assyria, Babylon, and anti-Semitic countries; e.g., The Georgia Guide Stones), because you are all “compliant” or worse regarding your whoredom (note: you are all bringing in your own destruction, because according to the “logic” of Satan, there is no forgiveness; i.e., according to Satanists at 666 avenue in Washington D.C., which is the Capital building, every human is “guilty” due to Original Sin; thus, every human belongs to Satan who caused Adam and Eve to commit Original Sin; note: the Freemasons say that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, but a 33 degree Freemason, so how can Jesus Christ forgive Original Sin if He is not the Son of God? Think about it).

God put you on this Earth according to your Free Will, which is opposed to worshipping Satan (this is the very nature of Free Will; i.e., to use your decisions to attain Heaven by reaching your potential, instead of “checking out” in order to have your minimum wage “comfort” by “being left alone;” note: said “comfort” is the Whore of Babylon as spoken of in The Apocalypse of Saint John the Apostle, because this allows “gangstalking” to take place, despotism to take place, your sovereign identity as an American to be destroyed, and Satan to be worshipped through subjection as in the three temptations towards Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible to name a few; e.g., Satan took Jesus Christ on the temple and showed him the One World Order, or the wealth and power of all of the kingdoms of the world, and said that he would give this to Him if He would bow down and worship Satan; note: your “compliance” is how the blood of the Martyrs is shed through “gangstalking;” note: how does Barak Obama fit into this category, or Hillary Clinton fit into this category with her $150,000,000? Have you ever seen show American Greed? “Render unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar…” (note: Obmaacare was legislated as a tax by the Supreme Court, which is not allowed to legislate anything).

The “three unclean spirits like frogs” spoken of in the book of the Apocalypse of Saint John the Apostle. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. You should get the point.

To continue, The Abomination of Desolation is being a deserter regarding your human existence (e.g., Free Will towards potential, or Heaven); thus, to be part of the Whore of Babylon is for you to be abominable, because you worshipping Satan through your subjection to the Freemasons, or whoever is behind “gangstalking” and the destruction of America (note: this breaks The First Commandment, as in The Ten Commandments, which states that: “thou shalt have no strange gods before me;” furthermore, this extends into the RFID chip in Obamacare, which is based upon The Theory of Evolution. “You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on The Discovery Channel,” or “I want to @$%& you like an animal.” How about Johnny Cash’s “One:” “you ask me to enter, then you make me crawl, and I can’t keep holding on to what you’ve got…”).

Oh yeah, “the mark of the beast” is what? With your sad cow eyes. Who are the men in black (blasphemy towards the Catholic Priest’s garb; note: the whole existence of a Catholic Priest is to care for souls in order for souls to attain Heaven) who carry “the mark of the beast?”

What is “the image of the beast?” these are those who make it “cool” to be part of the Whore of Babylon through image (e.g., notice the talking heads that try to get you to vote in Obamacare permanently; i.e., the richest Democrats, and others, who are…. E.g., musicians, movie stars, those building the pyramids, or more correctly ziggurats; note: see the movie The Fourth Kind and tell me aliens possess people).

FYI, false prophets are those that indoctrinate you into Satan’s kingdom (e.g., any of the New Agers under the Freemasons, or whoever is “behind” the agenda in America). False Christs are those like Jim Jones (note: there is a “communistic” movement in America to destroy America, and these are the Democrats mostly. They want Hillary Clinton to be elected in the worst way).

With this said, military intelligence, through Bill Clinton’s “fusion centers,” or data mining centers as in Snowden, is behind “gangstalking” due to the resources used and the demonic efficiency employed. This is because “gangstalking” doesn’t work if one is able to find a support base. Imagine being “shut down” by everyone you do business with, or have to do business with, as well as being messed with by family and “friends;” furthermore, imagine seeing “the great architect’s wormwood work” in all media.

Note: this takes place in real time in television and radio, because every time I turn on the television, or radio, “they” talk their bullshit, which includes them being exasperating like a bunch of bastards saying “are we there yet.” “They have a psychological profile on the people they gangstalk, from, well, stalking and observing in every way possible (which includes “snitch” ganstalkers themselves; e.g., “street theater people,” neighbors, and the like), which is how they can “get into your head, or try to.” These ass$%^*& pull this shit every time I try to get a clear political picture of how bad Hillary Clinton is going to $%*& America. Watch television for your selves and see what patterns you notice, not if you notice any patterns, but what patterns you notice.

On one last point, Pope Francis I recently made an apostate’s statement by saying that marriage does not require the power of the priesthood (i.e., “the keys of St. Peter to bind and loose), which goes against the Articles of Faith that every Catholic must adhere to in order to be a Catholic. By stating this, he is saying that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God; furthermore, according to the Freemasons, Jesus Christ is not the Son of God (i.e., because they are demonic and power hungry; e.g., “forces and fortresses” as spoken of in The Book of Daniel the Prophet); thus, if Jesus Christ, who left his Catholic Church here for us to utilize according to “the keys of the kingdom of Heaven,” is not the Son of God, then Original Sin cannot be forgiven in any manner (note: this includes the protestant religions), thus, according to the Freemasons and Pope Francis I, Satan owns every soul due to the fact that Satan tricked Adam and Eve into committing Original Sin (i.e., by choosing to follow Satan instead of God); thus, if Hillary Clinton is elected, then the world will be destroyed by atomic bombs according to the Georgia Guide stones (note: Obama gave atomic bombs to Iran, and Hillary Clinton gets her funding from anti-sematic countries; furthermore, Iran put a slogan on a nuclear rocket pointed at Israel this week of September 24, 2016), which is according to progressive logic. I mean after all, she landed under sniper fire, got the people at Benghazi killed, told the soldier’s parents that it was because of a movie, and is funded by “terrorist countries.”

Take “common core,” which is a flawed way of learning, and apply this to political free zones on college campuses, which is Buddhist in origin (for the purpose of surrendering to your enemy according to the fact that college is meant to produce the next generation of society that is supposed to change the world for the better, which is done through political engagement); furthermore, apply this to the caliphate of Isis. What you have is “the game and the game board” for your benefit under Obama and Hillary Clinton. Trump isn’t any better; however, Obama and Hillary Clinton’s actions already speak for them regarding the damage done to America and its people who are American. What we need is a Constitutional Amendment regarding “a vote of no confidence” on every paper ballot in America that states that if we don’t like the candidates that we are voting for, then new candidates must be chosen, and if any public official doesn’t meet at least 50 percent approval rating of the American people then he, or she, is thrown out of office and new elections are held. “Mix for them double.”

Now if you think any of this is an endorsement for Trump ? Let me offer you a cane to prop yourself upright, you are definitely leaning to far to the right. Or you may need counseling for some wicked disorder.

As funny as this entire rant is, there are also some truths to very large portions. I would also point out the originator of this little jewel is also a master of deception who presents themselves as Anonymous. Imagine that.   

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