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The Key to success ? .... OPM

The Key to success ? .... OPMWhy use your own when another's will do nicely !   OPM !

At least this is the business model for many the entrepreneur. All it really takes is a really smooth sales pitch, a slick presentation and you too can be on the road to riches ! With years of time and effort you too can create a brand name and logo to post as your own on your very own hotel chain. Or perhaps golf courses and universities are more your style ?

Just follow the easy to use business plan of the "Worlds Greatest Swindler" 

                                                       "Donald Trump"

Someone famous in Source Title

Why he has been doing it for decades and hasn't failed yet ! Casinos backed and built with others hard earned cash. built only to then default his debtors with manufactured bankruptcy. Towering Hotels floored in Marble and fixture'd in Gold bear his name. But the cash flow doesn't even belong to him, essentially only the sign out front. But for "The Donald" thats what it's all about. Name recognition to help sell the next deal to the next gullible fool.

  • You see, he has truly mastered the art of LIVING ON DEBT. The debt of others at that !

Deeds and contracts all in the name of the corporation or charity of the day. Fiscal responsibility ?  Ha he scoffs !

Even the dreaded all powerful IRS is stymied by his machinations. While he files frivolous lawsuits like wallpaper in a cheap flat at the drop of a hat, somehow the papers served on him never touch his personal worth. Surprisingly small despite his claims. When adjudicated against ? Even the penalties are paid in full by charities he operates and controls but to which he contributes little or none, personally or by corporation. Smoke & Mirrors Folks. Mere paper and ink. 

So if this is how you measure success ? Be my guest !