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Em inglês existem palavras que podem nos levar a cometer  erros quando da sua utilização.  Abaixo, segue uma lista de pares de verbos que muitas vezes nos confundem.

1 My parents discuss everything before making a decision. 

Discuss talk about *sth.
I often argue with my mother about doing housework. 

Argue speak angrily to **sb.

3 The moment I saw her, I realized something was wrong.

Realize  understand fully, become aware of sth.

4 Nobody noticed that Karen had changed her hair colour.

Notice see, observe
5. I left early to avoid the rush hour. 

Avoid try not to do something

6 My parents can't prevent me from seeing my friends.

Prevent stop
7 I've only met Sarah once but she seems very shy.

Seem general impression.
8 Carol doesn't look very well. I think she's working too hard. 

Look physical appearance

9 Do you mind waiting another five minutes until I get there? 

Mind get annoyed or upset.

10 It doesn't matter if we're five minutes late. 

Matter be a problem.

11  That man reminds me of my father.

Remind help sb to remember.

12 I don't remember my first day at school.

Remember not forget.

13 I wish I was a bit taller!

Wish want sth to be true even if it is unlikely.

14 I hope that Joe arrives safely in Salvador.

Hope want sth to happen.

15 Nadal won the match 6-3, 6-4 , 7-6.

Win be successful in a competition.

16 Arsenal beat Manchester United 5-2. 

Beat defeat sb.

17 Peter always refuses to discuss the problem. 

Refuse say you don't want to do sth.

18 Peter always denies that he has a problem..

Deny say that sth isn't true. 

19 The men had been planning to rob the bank. 

Rob take sth from a person or place by threat or force.

20 Thieves stole jewellery worth over £10 000.

Steal take money or property that isn't yours.

21 Police have warned of possible delays. 

Warn tell sb that sth unpleasant is about to happen.

22 My teachers are going to advise me what subjects to study next year.

Advice tell sb what you think they should do.

* sth / something

**sb / somebody

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