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Em inglês existem palavras que podem nos levar a cometer  erros quando da sua utilização.  Abaixo, segue uma lista de pares de verbos que muitas vezes nos confundem.

1 My parents discuss everything before making a decision. 

Discuss talk about *sth.
I often argue with my mother about doing housework. 

Argue speak angrily to **sb.

3 The moment I saw her, I realized something was wrong.

Realize  understand fully, become aware of sth.

4 Nobody noticed that Karen had changed her hair colour.

Notice see, observe
5. I left early to avoid the rush hour. 

Avoid try not to do something

6 My parents can't prevent me from seeing my friends.

Prevent stop
7 I've only met Sarah once but she seems very shy.

Seem general impression.
8 Carol doesn't look very well. I think she's working too hard. 

Look physical appearance

9 Do you mind waiting another five minutes until I get there? 

Mind get annoyed or upset.

10 It doesn't matter if we're five minutes late. 

Matter be a problem.

11  That man reminds me of my father.