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Digital Transformers of Leather Industry in Bangladesh

Digital Transformers of Leather Industry in BangladeshBangladesh,The next emerging country in Asia has long tradition with Leather industry;it’s one of the traditional Businesses since history. It Is the fifth export earning sector in Bangladesh rivaling the Garments and Jute industry. The low cost of Manpower, skilled craftsmanship and the incentives of the govt. made leather sector in a flouring billion dollar export powerhouse in Bangladesh. However, the sector is not without its problem. The Lack of Educated manpower, Unavailability of gas and Electricity and moreover the growing environmental concern is taking its toll. This promising section is failing to attract more and more modern thinking educated people. However the sky is not all black as the rein of this industry is being taken now by young, high educated and progressive entrepreneurs who are taking this sector to the new era of business.

One of the key factors for modernizes in Leather sector the prevailing large companies come from way back, during the times to independence. These Manufacturers are likely the first of the people to lead the leather industry. The problem is,since most are used to with their usual method of business and get returning customers. They are not open to adopt new technology purely because of distrust and disinterest. So, the other sides of leather business are still virtually open. This is greatly hampering the growth of leather industry.

In Bangladesh, most of the profit from leather industry comes from exporting RAW LEATHERS to different countries. A mere 6% of profit comes from finished leather products with the bulk of the market controlled by Apex, Bata, and Bay etc. The SME’s are being unable to get a sustainable hold on this industry simply because not adapting to modern technology.

Today,we will discuss about some new generations of Entrepreneurs who who have adapted digital technologies and other business models to make a successful business venture:

1. Viper Leathers: Viper is a newer player of Bangladesh leather industry but by far the most trended and renowned name. Viper broke away from the traditional way of Leather business .It has created an eCommerce site specifically dedicated on selling their Leather Product. Users can buy from their website and get the product delivered at home. Their products range total most 150+unique products including:Shoes, Sandals, Loafers, Wallets, Cardholder, Bags etc. They are