Disinfecting and Sanitizing in Dubai

We always use soaps or other detergents to clean our surroundings. But is that enough? Studies claim there is still a pretty high chance of bacteria remaining on the cleaned surface. Therefore, a stronger solution is required and that is where we step in. We have coupled tech and latest approved chemicals in order to provide professional disinfecting and sanitizing in Dubai.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing in Dubai

Sanitizing is a quick process that normally takes no more than half a minute to destroy 99.99% of bacteria. While disinfecting surfaces requires a use of much stronger chemical which destroys every organism in range in under 10 minutes. The chemicals we manage to work with are totally safe to use around children, eco-friendly and biodegradable. We use hospital-grade approved disinfectants for disinfection and sanitizing in Dubai be it offices, shops, hospitals or even homes.

However, we achieve more effectiveness through a series of professional steps that we work with.

Step 1:

We start with wiping out all the surfaces that need to be cleaned. This removes dust and other undesired contaminants that may decrease the chemical performance.

Step 2:

Next we apply the chemical to those surfaces. The strong chemical starts its action of dissolving all the bacterial presence on the surface. The absorption process takes up around 10–15 minutes.

Step 3:

In the end we wipe all the surfaces once again to remove the chemical that has absorbed all the bacteria.

Furthermore, we like to put some tech to work too. The steam cleaner we use can also remove up to 99.99% bacteria with high temperature air blown through it. Studies say that powerful steam cleaners such as ours are so efficient against viruses and bacteria that they can be used as a certified disinfectant.

In such time when harmful bacteria and contagious viruses such as Coronavirus are at loose, we offer our services at our best. We make staying safe possible for you by offering the best possible services for disinfecting and sanitizing in Dubai.