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Transportation - Waste Management and Cleaning Company

Globalex Enviro llc Waste Collection & Transporting Company established in 2000. We are providing safe, clean and dependable waste collection and recycling solutions. Our waste management section offers a variety of permanent and temporary services to more than 1,500 business units and as many residential complexes across in Dubai. The company is actively pursuing projects and initiatives that benefit the waste management section, the society and most importantly, the environment. 

Globalex offers creative solutions that utilize the latest available technology for clean, efficient and safe services. It uses a variety of Trolleys, containers, skips, and compactors with specialized waste disposal equipments. We provide wide range of Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Medical, Pharmaceutical & Hazardous wastes disposal services. Our intention is not to be the biggest provider of Waste Management Company; we just want to be the best.

Tank Cleaning

Globalex is the leading provider of tank cleaning . We provide comprehensive and high-quality services for water tank cleaning. Our teams are the most experienced in the Dubai, UAE and regularly clean water tanks in numerous homes every week.

Transportation - Waste Management and Cleaning Company

We provide tank cleaning services for:

· ● Residential apartments

· ● Schools, colleges and universities

· ● Hospitals

· ● Hotels and restaurants

· ● Shopping malls and supermarkets

· ● Gyms and health centres

· ● Offices and showrooms

When a water tank is used again& again for water supply, residue and sediments get accumulated along with bacteria, that can make water harmful for usage. Thus it needs to be cleaned periodically to ensure continued pure water supply. Dubai Municipality advises cleaning the water tanks every year. We at Globalex follow the directive and comply with Dubai Municipality standards.

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