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How to Use beBee Producer, the New Blogging Platform

Learn how to use beBee Producer. The affinity networking site launched beBee Producer, a new tool that allows you to have your own blog and share your content in a fast and easy way.

Producer is a CMS on which you can write and share your content in a very intuitive way, but just in case you have any doubts hiveBlog brings you a step-by-step guide to use this new beBee feature.


We know you can’t wait to try this new tool out, but the first thing you have to do is log in to beBee and go to ‘Producer’ on the top menu.

How to Use beBee Producer, the New Blogging Platform

If you are on the app use this menu.

If you don’t know how to create a beBee account, this post will be very helpful.

Now, let’s get into detail.

1. Home. This house icon will take you right back to the beBee wall.

2. Discover. This is the equivalent to the beBee wall on Producer. On it you are able to see the buzzes posted by the bees you follow on the social network or of the bees with whom you share one of the 21+k hives on beBee.

3. Hives. This is a filter you can use to search for content based on topics. If the topic you are looking for doesn’t exist, you can create a new hive with whichever topic you want.

On beBee Producer the “Hives” tab is divided in two parts: ‘Your hives’ and ‘Featured Hives’.

a) Your hives. Here you can see the content published in hives you already follow.

b) Featured hives. Use this option to discover other topics that may interest you. Check it out! Keep in mind that if you follow a hive on beBee Producer you will also be joining it on beBee.

4. Authors. This would be like the “bees” on beBee. By browsing around the authors section you will find all the users that have started writing on beBee Producer. It’s also divided between ‘Authors you follow’ and ‘Featured authors’.

a) Authors you follow. Discover which of the bees that you follow on beBee are already using Producer and see what they are writing about.

b) Featured authors. If you’re looking for a good read and want to see what authors are relevant, you have come to t