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Step-by-Step Guide to Register on beBee

Find out how to register on beBee. If you’re in trouble, push your worries aside because beBee helps you make the best out of your user experience with this easy step-by-step guide to be a bee on beBee!

And remember that the more you complete your profile the more possibilities you have of gaining views and making personal and professional contacts on the affinity social network.


Go to and press the ‘sign up’ button, which can be found either in the top-right corner of the screen, or in the center.

Step-by-Step Guide to Register on beBee


You have to complete all the fields to be able to register on beBee. Make sure your password is secure. A little tip for online branding and SEO is making sure that your profile names are the same on all your social media accounts.

When it comes to the hive, be sure to select your professional field, because that’s going to guide our Affinity Rank to show you content that’s relevant for you.


Now it’s time to add you profile picture. beBee unites both personal and professional parts of our life, so we have to choose a photo that looks professional but not too strict, always according to your profession.

Pick a photo that you can use simultaneously to increase your contact network or find a job.

In this same popup you’ll find a box that requires you to type in what field you want to have the most presence in. Here you can choose a specific field related to you professional hive.


It’s time to choose your affinity hives! These  are groups about certain topics and beBee has 21k+ hives. You can join hives -affinity groups- according to your professional and personal interests to receive information about your favorite topics.

This is going to influence what information appears on your beBee wall and what other bees you’re going to be able to connect to, so that you only see information that you are actually interested in.

And remember that if the hive you’re looking for is not there you can create a new one.


Off you go! You are already another bee in the social hive and you’re all set to discover all the opportunities beBee has to offer. Now that you can buzz around the hive.

If you have any doubts about some of the words beBee uses don’t forget to check out our beBee Dictionary.  

See you in the hive!

Thank you for this step by step guide. This will great for my blog and easier to follow than the link I was using. Once I publish this week's blog, I will share the link.