• Developer, NLP

    at Upwork

    Декабря 2015 - at Present


    Freelance work along fulltime job - mainly a lasting text summarization project for English classical literature I'm developing on my own for more than a year now. Needed to get outside Yandex experience a bit - learn NLTK, scikit-learn, for instance. TensorFlow is next. And to get experience of faster development with no production to prevent from crashing

  • Researcher & Developer

    at Yandex

    Июля 2012 - Июня 2017


    5 years in NLP. First 3 years developing a Named Entity Recognition system for queries and improving its quality (more as a dirty-handed researcher writing scripts and classifiers), later on refactoring and rewriting a big system generating query expansions from various sources (getting less creative but finally a decent coder). C++ for production, Python for scripts, internal Yandex libraries for any task (even special internal string container instead of stl::string). Local internal version of MapReduce for storing data, internal ML libraries, internal product to represent computations. Quite the coder you expect from a big company - patient to trying not to crash the production and very company -specifically trained.

  • Development intern

    at Yandex

    Июля 2011 - Июля 2012


    Interning in the Linguistics department along last year in university - the NER system extracting and classifying entities I later on developed when hired fulltime, learning to code, handle big data (and search data in general), completing university diploma (and basing it on the work I've done for production)


  • Intellectual Systems for the Humanities

    at Russian State University for the Humanities

    2007 - 2012 (5 years) Moskva


  • Русский Native

  • Английский Negotiation

  • Немецкий Elementary