• Business Analyst

    at Saticogroup

    Мая 2014 - at Present

    Novosibirskaya Oblast’

    1. Business processes description 2. Gothering internal customers problems and needs, use cases and task for programmers preparation. 3. Automated processes and reports presentation to the customers (including instructions and trainings) 4. Qlickview dashboards development

  • Lead Analyst

    at Energy-saving automation center

    Августа 2011 - Апреля 2014

    Novosibirskaya Oblast’

    1. BI-subsystem implementation (idea, database creation, ETL-set development, reports generation). For 2 large federal companies. 2. Preparing and test some methods in energy-saving area 3. Annual and monthly-based analytical reports preparation.

  • Analyst

    at Parallels ltd

    Октября 2008 - Июня 2011

    Novosibirskaya Oblast’

    1. BI-system for the support department implementation (customer needs, database development, reports generation). 2. Dayly and weekly analytical reports for a Head of Department and the Company Management

  • Business Technology Specialist

    at ITC electronics

    Апреля 2004 - Сентября 2008

    Novosibirskaya Oblast’

    1. Technical description for a use cases automation 2. Customer instruction preparation 3. BI-system development (ETL-integration with processing system, report generation, OLAP-cubes development) 4. Analytical reports preparation for the company Owner.


  • MBA

    at Moscow City Business School

    2012 - 2014 (2 years)

  • Information Systems

    at Novosibirsk State Univercity of Economics and Management

    1999 - 2004 (5 years) Novosibirskaya Oblast’


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