• Systems analyst, Principal Systems Engineer

    at International Aeronavigation Systems

    February 2017 - at Present


    Russian TCAS System SW integration. Russian TCAS, TAWS and WXR integration System works and replacement of the foreign ones

  • Senior Systems Engineer

    at Rockwell Collins International, Inc.

    January 2007 - December 2016


    Position/project MC-21 and SSJ100 different projects’ involvement Sr. Systems Engineer: Customer requirement capture (including System requirements capturing and early validation), System works and support for the MC-21 and SSJ100 HUDs, SSJ100 CMS, MC-21 Firewall and Fileserver solutions Past main assignations From 08/01/08 to 10/06/14: Project description : SSR-7000 EICU Role and responsibilities : Sr. System Engineer, SSR SES works for the SSR-7000 EICU, including system requirements capturing and validation. From 06/01/08 to 06/31/14: Project description : A350 IMO Role and responsibilities : Sr. System Engineer, A/ODSM and AVM modules lead; IMO Subsystems works for the A350XWB IMO, including subsystem requirements capturing, validation and verification. From 01/15/07 to 05/31/08: Project description : Boeing 787 Core Network Cabinet V2, MAT 6 Role and responsibilities : System Engineer; System and subsystems works, including requirements capturing and verification

  • Principal Officer

    at Sukhoi Civil Aircrafts

    May 2004 - December 2006


    Project description : Sukhoi Super Jet 100 Role and responsibilities : Principal Officer Management of Interfaces, Risk Management, Supplier Coordination at SSJ-100

  • Pricipal Engineer

    at State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS)

    October 1994 - May 2004


    Principal Engineer - GosNIIAS Responsible Representative. IL-96M/T Airborne Avionics Complex System Integration. Airborne Avionics Systems- Design, Simulation and Pallet Debugging. Il-96M/T Aircraft Program Design Avionics Companies Coordination. Took participation as the GosNIIAS Responsible Representative,during construction at Voronezh Joint-stock Aircraft-building Association of the first IL-96T aircraft example. Onboard Installation, Field Testing, Debugging and System Integration of either Russian (GosNIIAS product) or Western (Collins & suppliers) Avionics. The IL-96T field-testing. In 1995 the testing at Collins division of Rockwell International (Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA) on avionics, produced and delivering company. Participation in the IL96-T First Flight. Participation during flight-tests in the Ramenskoe airport . Participation in the Russian and western certification procedures of the IL-96T/M aircraft. Preliminary design for Tu-204, Il-76, Il-214 western cockpits.

  • Common Resource Deputy General Director

    at Special Infirmation Service JSC

    October 1993 - October 1994


    Management of: Maintenance Stuff, Transportation, Security, and Human Resources. Accounting Support. Representative Function

  • Leading Engineer

    at State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS)

    October 1980 - October 1993


    Aircraft Control Systems: Investigation, Design, Scientific-and-technical Supporting of Aviation Industry Developments. Inertial Navigation, System Integration with Radio-Navigation Aids. Semi-natural simulation - Design Management, Strategy Management, Inertial Navigation and Radio-Navigation System Simulators- Design. Field and Ground Testing. Airborne Telemetry. Results' Processing.

  • Senior Engineer

    at Central Research Institute of the Electronics Systems (CNIIRES)

    April 1978 - October 1980


    Air traffic control systems: mathematical simulation, technical and research supporting. Investigation to GPS application for Air traffic control and traffic alert avoidance systems.

  • Engineer

    at Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (NIMI)

    August 1974 - April 1978


    Automatic Control Systems of the moving objects: design, field testing, mathematical simulation.


  • Miscalanious Courses and Trainings

    at Rockwell Collins

    2007 - 2016 (9 years) Iowa

  • Computing mathematics, -

    at Moscow State Univercity n. Lomonosov M.V.

    1975 - 1978 (3 years) Moskva

  • Instrumentbuilding, Electromechanical Engineer

    at Moscow High Technical School n. Bauman N.E.

    1969 - 1975 (6 years) Moskva


  • English Negotiation

  • Russian Native