• Lead Software Engineer

    at self-employed

    Июня 2015 - at Present

    Irkutskaya Oblast’

    Modify existing software to correct errors, allow it to adapt to new hardware. Design, develop software systems. Coded from scratch a WS-Eventing collector for receiving notifications from the Microsoft Windows WS-Eventing server. Incorporated a large part of nfdump(an open source network monitoring tool) into a client's project. Implemented an IPFIX dissector. Made a tool for in depth analysis of TOR network. Created a cross-platform interface in a project with 30 thousand lines of legacy code, seamlessly merging application across 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Implemented a solution to prevent privilege escalation vulnerability(CVE-2008-0600) in a Linux Kernel system call(vmsplice.c). Collected and computed 220 million pages from VK social network on the largest computer complex in the eastern part of Russia (powered with torque). Implemented a parallel algorithm to select the nodes with highest degree in the graph and attack them. https://github.com/peroksid90/vknet

  • Sr. Software Engineer

    at ISPsystem

    Ноября 2015 - Мая 2016

    Irkutskaya Oblast’

    Developed the flagship product for Data Center Infrastructure Management(DCIM). Conducted detailed testing throughout life cycle and resolved system issues. Authored system and design documentation. Collaborated with project managers, engineering teams, and client representatives to ensure on-time completion of project deliverables. Maintained, improved and tested a project with 40 thousand lines of code to control infrastructure of data centers. Designed and implemented a module to inventories equipment in the company’s data center. Created a module to determine accurate hardware configurations cutting mistakes in sales by 95 %.

  • Software Engineer

    at ISPsystem

    Февраля 2014 - Ноября 2015

    Irkutskaya Oblast’

    Developed, customized, tested and debugged new and existing modules in the flagship product for Data Center Infrastructure Management(DCIM). Implemented a feature VLAN per user. It puts each client's server in a dedicated VLAN. This helps to protect servers against network attacks and to control clients’ traffic. Developed modules to manage network equipment from Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Brocade vendors. Control VLAN, power up/down ports on network switches and collect traffic statistics.

  • IT Support Engineer

    at ISPserver

    Октября 2012 - Января 2014

    Irkutskaya Oblast’

    Provided technical support via phone and e-mail for various customers for high severity issues that ranged from hardware/network functionality to server/database maintenance. Worked with TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, IPMI, HTTP, HTTPS protocols. Installed, supported and upgraded clients’ server infrastructure. This included Apache/Nginx web servers, MySQL databases, PHP/Perl extensions, CMS. Provided support of FreeBSD/Centos/Debian servers.


  • Mechanical engineering

    at Research Technical University

    2007 - 2012 (5 years) Irkutskaya Oblast’


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