• Development engineer

    at “FocusQC” company. China executive office.

    Января 2014 - Марта 2015

    Guangdong Sheng

    Functions: - Development of the projects from the stage of technical design to the start of production. - Work with manufacturers and their subcontractors. - Beta testing products.

  • Development engineer of the electronic equipment

    at Non-Commercial Organization

    Февраля 2010 - Ноября 2013


    Design, production works and equipment testing with a view to ensuring long-term operation in harsh environments (nuclear, aviation and space industry, Russian Academy of Sciences). Functions: Design and prototyping of electronics (power electronics, DC-DC converters up to 10 kW with digital control to power on-board equipment and satellite Plasma & Ion thrusters): Knowledge and use of modern electronic components (passive and active). Experience in ordering and buying electronic components in the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • Brand manager - purchasing manager

    at "Asia Music" company

    Января 2007 - Декабря 2009

    Irkutskaya Oblast’

    Functions: bulk purchase of lighting equipment (lamps and accessories for light effects devices, consumable material, disco light & sound equipment with animation, zenith and architectural projectors, smart lighting devices, laser systems, LED Devices, lighting control systems, strobe lights, theatrical projectors & spotlights) - bulk purchase of electronic components - supplier search in China and Europe, - vendor rating, - negotiations with suppliers, - mutual approval, - placing orders, - quality control of the equipment to be purchased, - quality control during manufacture and shipment from the factory, - tracking of the orders, - claims handling, preparation and submission of reports, - inspection of factories, - interaction with logistics services, - design of lighting projects, - technical advice on the full range of equipment purchased, - writing business proposals, - negotiations with the customer, - promotion of products on the market.


  • Engineer

    at Electronic Technical Faculty of Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute

    1978 - 1980 (2 years) Irkutskaya Oblast’

  • Foreign Languages

    at Department of Romance languages at the Institute of Foreign Languages

    1971 - 1976 (5 years) Irkutskaya Oblast’

Knowledge and keywords


  • Французский Elementary

  • Английский Negotiation

  • Русский Native

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