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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Saint Petersburg



The Saint-Petersburg Huawei R&D Centre is looking to hire an Expert in Video/Image Compression.


Through innovative video compression technology, achieve the goal of saving network and storage overhead, improve end-to-end product cost and bring real value to customers.


Existing video compression technology utilizes the information that background is stable and people only care about moving objects to compress video. Therefore, it declines the video quality (subjective perception and objective recognition rate decrease). How to improve the compression ratio under the premise of ensuring the objective visual perception and the objective recognition rate is the main challenge.


- Responsible for the planning of video & picture compression algorithms. Responsible for the deep-dive, competitive analysis and project planning to ensure the technical leading advantage of video & picture compression areas
- Responsible for the design and implementation of video & picture compression algorithms, output design documents, and core algorithm source code
- Responsible for algorithm optimization on AI chip-based hardware platform, achieve the leading edge of product competitiveness on cost and performance.
- Responsible for the cooperation project with the famous professors of video & picture compression areas and use external resources to enhance the competitiveness of this technology.


- Profound theoretical background and pioneering technical achievements in academia or industry. More than 5 years of work experience in related fields of video image processing, deep learning, and AI chip-based algorithm design
- Deep understanding of video & image codec standards and strong working experiences in H.265, JPEG, HEIF etc. video & image compression algorithm design
- Experiences in the application of video & picture codec to video surveillance product
- Sensitive to new technologies in academia and industry, an open mind to cooperate with external resources and transform new technology to products, achieve final commercial success
- Skilled in programming languages (C/C++, Python, Java)
- Skilled user of AI programming framework (Tensorflow, Caffe, Keras)
- Ability to communicate fluently in English


- Attractive compensation package + annual bonus
- Medical insurance
- Corporate discounts for purchasing devices
- Flexible work hours, no dress code
- An opportunity to build the product that will be used by millions of people around the world
- “A” class business center located in the historical part of St. Petersburg (Zvenigorodskaya)

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