⚓️ "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover"⚓️ Mark Twain


  • Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

    at www.AD 360.ml

    July 2015 - at Present



  • Chief Marketing Officer

    at Carista

    April 2018 - August 2019


    Carista has the knowledge… to pinpoint any issues with your car, at any time, without the long lines and surprise charges at the dealer. Diagnose: With Carista's DIY tools, resetting your oil service indicator, servicing your electronic parking brake or checking your launch control count becomes a 1-click action Customize: Carista personalizes the behavior of your car's windows, lights, instruments and more, with the click of a button. Did we mention unlocking hidden features? Service: With Carista's DIY tools, resetting your oil service indicator, servicing your electronic parking brake or checking your launch control count becomes a 1-click action

  • FaceRacer.com Strategic Marketing Manager

    at FaceRacer.com

    October 2016 - February 2017


    Faceracer is the global brand for kart enthusiasts. Faceracer Community is social and so much more. Chat, compare, compete and challenge racers Worldwide. Your one stop strategy on and off the track. You think you're fast? Find out! Faceracer Track Manager gets you to race pace in real time. Track Manager gives you operational control of your track, garage and front of house operations, including ticketing, marketing and sales.

  • Business Development Director (EMEA)

    at FocusVision.com

    May 2016 - September 2016

    New York

  • Google Maps | Business View - Marketing Coordinator UK and Ireland at Google via Adecco

    at Google via Adecco

    January 2015 - July 2015


    Google Maps Business View is a full virtual 360° tour of your location. The tour is hosted on Google Maps, Google Search and on your G+ Business or local page. Equally, if you are interested in becoming a Google Trusted Photographer, the program is free to enter and offers a great opportunity to partner with one of the World's top brands. The technical level of photography skills required is attainable with practice. The online tools required to manage the process are easy to use. You can use your own equipment and expertise. Job flexibility suits people who like to make their own hours; digital marketeers, nerds of all description, and of course, dedicated photography, marketing and sales pros. The market for talent is wide open! We also need more female Google Trusted Photographers - so ladies, apply within!

  • Senior Business English Trainer at Berlitz Corporation

    at Berlitz

    October 2012 - March 2015


    The Berlitz approach to training is goal oriented and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and your teams. Berlitz has helped millions speak new languages and has enabled more business professionals than any other provider to cross cultural boundaries. Today, Berlitz global leadership and language programs can be delivered face-to-face at a Berlitz Learning Centre or at your facility, live online through media-based programs via self-directed study or through a mix of various delivery platforms.

  • Business Development Manager

    at Bulgarian Headhunters

    May 2014 - January 2015


    From Start Up to Blue Chip Partner in six months... The Bulgarian Headhunters team will find you employees with call center experience who manage customer calls, while providing quality customer service. We know that your goal is to have zero customers waiting in the queue. Our staff has decades of experience, much of it from large employment firms. We’ve taken that experience and applied it to our specialized approach. That means our team works only with clients in this field, providing them with exceptional service and expertise. Our staff knows the more time you spend in the Call Center field, the more connected you are to its people and companies – and the more knowledgeable you are of its trends, challenges and opportunities.

  • Data Analytics

    at Andromeda

    February 2014 - July 2014


    Andromeda is the recognized leading global provider of Enterprise Management and POS solutions for the delivery foodservice industry. Founded in 1999, by two ex-Pizza Hut managers, Andromeda has, from the start, been designed by restaurant people, for restaurant people – “We help YOU deliver”. We were the first to offer high speed integrated credit card processing, SMS messaging to let customers know when their food has left the store, advanced targeted marketing, integrated 24/7 web ordering, free online mapping and much more. Andromeda continues to invest heavily in R&D to remain the technology leader in this market

  • Senior Technical Advisor (UK) - Customer Care (Outsourced)

    at Honda

    June 2012 - October 2013


    Honda Motor Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and distributes motorcycles, automobiles, power, and other products worldwide. The company operates through four segments: Motorcycle Business, Automobile Business, Financial Services Business, and Power product and Other Businesses. The Motorcycle Business segment produces sports models, including trial and moto-cross racing vehicles; business and commuter models; all-terrain vehicles; and multi utility vehicles. The Automobile Business segment offers passenger cars, light trucks, and mini vehicles, as well as vehicles powered with alternative fuel, such as natural gas, ethanol, electric, and fuel cell vehicles.

  • Contact Centre Outsourcing - IBM

    at IBM

    May 2012 - October 2013


    "IBM Global Delivery Center Sofia started its operations in late 2007. It is part of IBM’s Global Process Services unit and offers various outsourcing solutions. Currently the operations that are provided out of Sofia include the full range of CRM (Customer Relationship management) – Call center operations, Customer care, Forecasting, Solutioning, Customer analytics, Business reporting, etc. and F&A (Finance and Administration) – Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Cash and Banking, Fixed assets, Payroll, Leasing, General ledger, etc. services. The customers of IBM GDC Sofia benefit from IBM’s global network of resources, huge pool of industry best practices and experienced team of consultants."

  • Executive Director - Senior Instructor at Adventure Therapy Ireland

    at Adventure Therapy Ireland

    June 2010 - May 2012


    "Adventure Therapy Ireland began as a company in 2010. Being Ireland's first Adventure Therapy company means explaining what adventure therapy is... People understand that there is a potential to use talking therapies in an active manner, but have issues separating the difference between an outdoor centre teaching "hard skills" and the use of outdoor skills as a backdrop for access to nature and building communication. The "how it works" of adventurous activities, in a natural setting, to advance positive psychology takes a little longer to explain too, No, we are not advocating dropping you off in the Burren and making you walk home, barefoot - that's for Rambo! We like tea, fresh air and reasonable trips into some nice places that are well within your capacity. Nowadays there are more centres that operate similar programs. From equine therapy to dance, play and music therapies, there is an understanding that these things are normal and might even be fun!

  • High School Teacher

    at No.6 Middle School

    August 2004 - April 2005

    Liaoning Sheng

    High School English teacher to 1016 14-18 year olds. Traditional teaching role in a city centre school. Nicknamed "Dai Ruo Mu Ji" (dances like a wooden chicken) 跳舞像一個木製的雞. 16 good ladies kept me in check, as the only man in the English department. I enjoyed every minute of my time in North China. The Great Wall is not far away and the city itself is small, at 2 million people.


  • Growth Driven Agency Certificate

    at Hubspot

    2016 - 2017 (1 year)

  • Twitter Flight School - Executive Track

    at Twitter

    2016 - 2016 (1 year)

  • Adwords - Display Advertising

    at Google

    2015 - 2015 (1 year)

  • Adwords Partner

    at Google

    2015 - 2015 (1 year)

  • Berlitz Language Instruction 1+2

    at Berlitz Corporation

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) Sofiya-Grad

  • IBM Top Gun - Virtual Learning for Cloud

    at IBM

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) Sofiya

  • Managing Delivery - IBM Project Management

    at IBM

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) Sofiya

  • Honda DNA, Sales Process Cars, Motorcycles, Marine

    at Honda Motor Europe Ltd

    2012 - 2013 (1 year)

  • Expert Consulting Skills - Working in a Global Team

    at IBM

    2012 - 2012 (1 year) Sofiya

  • Building a Quality Management System

    at IBM

    2012 - 2012 (1 year) Sofiya

  • Strategic Planning

    at IBM

    2012 - 2012 (1 year) Sofiya-Grad

  • Change Leadership Learning Suite

    at IBM

    2012 - 2012 (1 year)

  • Interactive Methods of Organising and Executing Summer Camps

    at US Peace Corps

    2012 - 2012 (1 year) Sofiya-Grad

  • Sustainable Design, Planning for Sustainability

    at Blekinge Institute of Technology

    2011 - 2012 (1 year) Blekinge

  • Natural Step Process Ecological Design Kayak Building

    at Adventure Therapy Ireland

    2010 - 2012 (2 years)

  • Sustainability and Green Design

    at Green Works

    2011 - 2011 (1 year) Munster

  • Business Influence and Negotiation

    at Cork Chamber of Commerce

    2011 - 2011 (1 year) Munster

  • Internal QMS Auditor

    at International Register of Certificated Auditors

    2011 - 2011 (1 year) Munster

  • First Aid and Defibrillation

    at FETAC (Further Education and Training Awards Council)

    2011 - 2011 (1 year)

  • Certified Associate in Project Management

    at PMI

    2011 - 2011 (1 year) Munster

  • Professional Project Management

    at Aspira.com

    2010 - 2010 (1 year) Munster

  • Train the Trainer

    at FETAC (Further Education and Training Awards Council)

    2010 - 2010 (1 year) Munster

  • Supervisory Management and Entrepreneurship

    at FAS

    2010 - 2010 (1 year) Munster

  • BSc Psychotherapy and Health

    at UCLAN

    2006 - 2010 (4 years) Lancashire

  • Cross cultural psychology and Social work, (Erasmus)

    at Tallinn University

    2007 - 2008 (1 year) Harjumaa

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language

    at Bluefeather School of Languages

    2004 - 2004 (1 year) Leinster

  • Performing Arts: Theatre and Media Production

    at BIFE Bray

    2003 - 2004 (1 year) Leinster

  • Sailing Instructor - Dinghy

    at Irish sailing Association

    2001 - 2004 (3 years) Connaught

  • Powerboat Instructor

    at Sailcork

    2001 - 2002 (1 year) Munster

  • Marine Leisure Management

    at CSN Cork

    2000 - 2002 (2 years)

  • Taekwondo Blackbelt Certificate

    at Tae Kwon Do Ireland

    2001 - 2001 (1 year) Connaught

  • Canoe Lifeguard

    at British Canoe Union

    2000 - 2000 (1 year)

  • PADI Open Water Diver

    at PADI

    2000 - 2000 (1 year) Munster

  • Outdoor Education

    at Aberdeen College

    1998 - 1999 (1 year) Aberdeenshire

Services offered

  • Outsourcing

    Outsourcing through partnership - BPO, Office Assistant, Data Management, Phones, Offshoring, Localisation, Consulting, IT and Scalable Virtualization - Eastern European Focus.

  • Marketing

    Contact me for career counseling, training, up skilling, CV development, Video CV development, interview technique, soft skills, cultural awareness training courses, Business English courses, corporate recruitment, short term recruitment, project management, corporate training, localization, outsourcing, psychometric testing, business development, marketing,advertising or Google Maps Business View training. I am also heavily invested in future tech, with an eye to Virtuality, #AR and #VR.

    You can also find me at
    (Personal Site) donphilpott.webs.com
    (Ireland) https://ie.linkedin.com/in/donphilpott
    (US) www.facebook.com/don.philpott.5
    (France) www.viadeo.com/en/profile/don.philpott1
    (Germany) www.xing.com/profile/Don_Philpott
    (Russian Federation) https://vk.com/dphilpott

  • Consulting

    Core Branding, Concept, Go To Market Strategy, Niche Identification, Social Selling, Landing Pages, Contact Boxes, SEO, Design, Pricing, ROI Metrics, Strategic VR /AR
    Social media
    Cross Platform - automation, sites, content control
    Marketing strategy - Digital, media, PR, local search...what you need?
    Sites - Communication Strategy
    Profiles, Logos, Branding, Motto, Widgets
    Software and Tools - which one's work best for you!
    Social media audit - we do it for free!
    Competitive analysis, Environmental Strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy
    Content Strategy - Blog design, setup and/or optimization, images, video, text, etc.
    Blog - writing, sites, tailored content, technical content, etc.
    Strategy development - site, social, mixed media, timelines, "go to market,"etc.
    Monitoring + Control
    Analytics - Google, Site specific, market specific, etc.
    Project Management
    Digital Transformation - Virtualization, AR, VR, Linux, Security Management, etc.
    Outsourcing - Go Global - cheaper and better!
    Bespoke - need something specific?

  • Adventure Therapy

    Adventure therapy at its simplest is getting out in Nature! "Nature has a healing ability. " Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said this a few centuries ago. Adventure therapy is also breaking with routine, getting away from our normal rhythms and patterns
    Physical exercise, greenery and fresh air are beneficial. The ability to challenge yourself, to do something new and to learn new skills adds another dimension. This process comes with a fancy title; "self efficacy,"but it simply means when you can do something new, you appreciate yourself a little bit more. At the end of the day, our job is to bring out the best in You! " - odhe.webs.com


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