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I am James, I’m a 27 entrepreneur that specialises in Job sites. I currently run several sites and am continuall expanding. I started out with a generalist board, https://hired.direct & have since expanded into niche sites including my latest venture 420.careers , Follow the journey ✌️


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    January 2016 - at Present


    With the recruitment industry worth a huge £35 Billion to the UK economy alone. I knew this was a market that I wanted to get into. Wether we have a boom or bust economy, people still look for jobs. If unemployment is at its highest rate in 50 years, more people will be looking for work. No matter what the state of the economy, people will always look for jobs. For me, it is an industry that may be saturating with generalist job boards but this only paves they way for niche job boards. Hired Direct was created to be the catalyst that allowed me to create a variety of niche job sites.

Services offered

  • Fully Functioning Job Site Backfilled with Jobs - Hosted & monthly consultation - £99 a month

    Using my experience, I can not only set you up with a fully functioning job board; I can also backfill your site with uptown 600,000 live jobs depending on your niche. This greatly helps you when getting clients to post on your site because you have the ability to be active from day 1. After all no one wants to post on a site with zero jobs!
    Choose your niche, let me help you design a logo & brand colours. All you have to do is market it!

    I am currently offering a service that affords you the ability to have a fully functioning job site with jobs for only £99 a month. This includes your hosting, jobs and a 1 to 1 meeting with me once a month helping you generate income and making your mark within the job industry.

    Please get in touch & I can send you some of the sites I have produced for customers; this can be your first step in creating your own recruitment business for only £99 a month!


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