"If you think you can, or you can't, you're right!" a Henry Ford saying says it all to me.
Neville is the CEO of Mind Fit. A Finance professional with extensive experience in negotiating the business maze of commercial, social, political and environmental forces that influence all decisions.


  • CFO

    at Street Soccer CIC

    September 2015 - at Present


    The Street Soccer Foundation is a social venture dedicated to helping support and develop young people currently experiencing homelessness in England. Through the delivery of a football themed personal development programme focused on enterprise and employability we enable young people experiencing homelessness in England to achieve positive social change. Encouraging young people to have the confidence and desire to make a change for the better, we educate, inspire and motivate individuals by using the power of football to improve their lives and their environment. Uniting people from all different kinds of backgrounds to come together and support a greater sense of well-being within their local community. The Street Soccer programme supports young people to build knowledge and skills, grow in confidence and optimism for the future, and help people to realise their true potential. Changing Lives through Football.

  • CEO

    at Mind Fit

    May 2010 - at Present


    Mind Fit will help you be your best. We develop can do' attitudes and behaviours and 'winning minds'. With a 'can do' attitude you can achieve anything. Mind Fit provides the specialist knowledge and input relating to developing increased performance of people. Our co-founder Graham Williams utilises a unique, repeatable process - Learned Powerfulness - to assess your position and define your own route map to where you want to be. The Mind Fit process is a 21st century solution.

  • CFO/Head of Operations Finance/ Strategic Advisor/ NonExec

    at Oil&Gas Industry

    May 1984 - December 2008


    A variety of positions in International Oil&Gas companies working in corporate and operational divisions. Worked and lived internationally with extensive travel to over 50 different countries. Responsible for the Finance role in non-core activities such as real estate development including a golf course, retail park and residential complexes.

  • Management Accountant

    at Blue Circle Industries - now La Farge

    August 1980 - May 1984


    Planning, Analysis and Control of the UK plcs cement activities including budgets, forecasts and long term strategic planning.

Services offered

  • Mind Fit Development Programmes

    Mind Fit people transform business performance. Their can do attitude improves results.

    The Mind Fit process is the prequel to change. It accelerates changes in attitude and behaviours that directly impact your business where it matters - at the bottom line.

    The way we develop Mind Fit people makes the difference:
    1. Our inside-out process, enables people to self assess and choose to make changes.
    2. We provide people with a MAP, insights, experiences and practical tools that enable people to look at what they are currently doing and choose to change those attitudes and behaviours that are wasteful
    3. We help you link those changes to your business needs, and we support your people as they put in focused effort to improve performance.

    The Mind Fit process helps people understand what makes all of us unique - our beliefs and experiences that form our attitudes which in action form our behaviours. However, for all of our uniqueness there are only 3 directions our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours take us - 'can't do', 'won't do' or 'can do'

    Only we can choose:
    1. The direction in which to travel - hence the MAP - our logo
    2. To change and influence our performance
    3. To become who we are capable of being

    Mind Fit makes the complex, simple - turning common sense into common practice.

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