Personal consultant, mentor, and confidante with a soft spot for mavericks, mystics, and armadillos.


  • Alternative Therapist

    at Patchwork Soul

    July 2018 - at Present


    Counselling, mentoring, analysis, symbolic interpretation, tuition in astrology & tarot, life coaching.

  • Personal Consultant

    at Absurdist Arts

    January 2002 - at Present


    Professional confidante, mentor, and analyst.

Services offered

  • Insight & Analysis

    During your session, I create the conditions which are conducive to your self-exploration. I hear every word, acknowledge every pause, and take note of your tone of voice. I'm not a mainstream type of person, I'm an outsider with a passion for helping others who don't always feel like they fit in. I am completely unashamed in my reliance on the mythic, the mystical, and the metaphysical to find direction, understanding, and whatever other answers you seek. What matters to me is finding what is hidden to enable growth. Whatever it is you're looking for or need, I'll help you find it. I'm here to walk with you as a guide on your journey to the destination of your choosing; whether it's the height of enlightenment or the belly of the underworld. Please note: I deal with soul-sickness, matters of personal mythology, existential crisis, issues surrounding identity and personal autonomy.

  • Confidante

    Offering a middle ground between the confessional booth and counselling. This is primarily a listening based service with the focus on you being able to offload and talk about the things you're unable to say to anyone else. I offer a completely confidential and impartial service to anyone who needs it.

  • Mentoring & Coaching

    Mentoring and coaching sessions are aimed at those of you who already have a good sense of self. Ideally, you will have undertaken some self-development work or maybe even had therapy. I'm primarily interested in helping you to achieve a high level of autonomy and authenticity because that's what I'm an expert in. If you're only interested in moving forward, and not looking back, this option will suit you better than Insight & Analysis. Mentoring and coaching means we're dealing with the here, the now, and the future. You should have a clear idea of what's important to you and what it is that you'd like to achieve.


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