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Exscientia is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery and design. By fusing the power of AI with the discovery experience of seasoned drug hunters, Exscientia is the first company to automate drug design, surpassing conventional approaches.Exscientia’s innovative platform enables breakthrough productivity gains as well as new approaches to improve drug efficacy. By applying a rapid design-make-test cycle, the Exscientia AI platform actively learns from the preceding experimental results and rapidly evolves compounds towards the desired candidate criteria. Its success has led to collaborations with multiple leading pharmaceutical companies.G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) are one of the most-important biological targets for development of new therapeutics. As a specialized family of membrane proteins, their study requires a specialized expertise. The next-generation GPCR platform at Exscientia utilises advanced assay technologies and pioneering approaches to enable small-molecule therapeutic projects against challenging GPCR targets. The GPCR team works in tandem with the protein production, biophysics, crystallography, and AI design teams to uncover innovative solutions to drug discovery against GPCRs. Exscientia is expanding the GPCR platform and is looking for a hardworking scientist with expertise in GPCR pharmacology and plate-based screening methods.We are looking to recruit a full-time drug discovery scientist with expertise in pharmacology and plate-based screening methods, ideally in the field of GPCRs, to help drive development of therapeutic molecules with a focus on target characterisation and development of candidate molecules.This is a laboratory-based position with significant opportunity for development. Role Requirements

- Experience in basic laboratory techniques (e.g. buffer preparation, pipetting, massing compounds, etc.)
- Experience in sterile technique and cell culture
- Expertise in in vitro and cell-based assays (GPCR experience preferred)
- Ability to optimise assays and adapt protocols to meet different parameters
- Experience in basic molecular biology (e.g. PCR, subcloning, etc.)
- Experience in basic data analysis Key Responsibilities

- Independently carry out biochemical characterisation of drug target activity, including dose response curves and single point screening with high reproducibility
- Prosecution of studies to define compound mechanism of action
- Use of multiple technologies, liquid handling, and software to enable efficient experimental delivery and analysis
- Implementation of novel technologies and approaches to deepen impact of Discovery Biology on candidate delivery
- Presentation of information to project supervisors and at team meetings
- Basic data analysis
- Support basic aspects of the GPCR pipeline (e.g. DNA preparation, buffer preparation, etc.) Successful candidates will demonstrate

- Strong team-working ethos, with a good balance of creative, analytical, and problem-solving skills
- Ability to learn new techniques and adapt to experimental problems
- High standards of quality, scientific rigour, and data integrity
- Experimental insights to impact on project decision-making
- Effective communication to diverse audiences with the ability to share relevant technical insights to non-experts
- Interest in development of core skills and personal development

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