Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Helmshore


Hours – 32 Hours, 2 days at 8am to 4pm and 2 days at 12pm to 8pm at £9.00 per hour

Role Purpose

The primary function of this role is to provide care and

support to this lady, ensuring that she is stimulated and supervised at all

times. The role is not just about personal care, but providing her with company

and ensuring her socialisation.

Person Specification:

We’re looking for someone who can provide support, attention

and care. A friendly and patient person, who will talk to her, (although she

may not talk back) sing, and support her personal care. This young girl has a

short attention span, so keeping her entertained requires an understanding of

short bursts of activities.

Essential experience to complete the role


Peg/NG tube feeding


Experience dealing with Autism, and repetitive



Personal care experience for another, washing,

bathing etc.


Note taking, documentation of feeds, water and

medicine administered (if required)


Driving licence


Dealing with difficult or challenging behaviour –

encouraging the client to stop, and preventing her from harming herself

Medical Conditions

This young lady has a variety of conditions that sometimes

lead to difficult and challenging behaviour. She is high on the Autistic

spectrum which affects her speech and communication skills, likes routine and

organisation and tends to get trapped in repetitive behaviours when upset. Her

main diagnosis is unknown. We also know that Jyoti suffers with a stigmatism

that distorts her vision. She has previously had surgery to correct a heart


Food and beverages

This young lady is PEG fed, so previous experience dealing

with this is desirable. Full training would be given to the successful

candidate. It is essential that she is given water both through the peg, and

also orally. Her hydration is key to not developing migraines or stomach




A purpose built annex is attached to the house, which comes

equipped with a small fridge, sterile boiling water dispenser, washing machine,

fully fitted bathroom with Jacuzzi tub, bed, living space, television and WIFI.

It is our intention that with the aid of carers, we make this lady as

independent as possible, and allow her the space she needs as a growing woman.

The annex is attached to the main house, and there is full

access to the main house at all times also.


She has minimal communication skills so patients,

understanding and empathy are key within this role. She has one Macintosh hand

sign that she uses to communicate all of her needs.

Mobility and Self


This young woman can

walk short distances, she can stand up, but struggles to stand for long periods

of time, and needs support when getting up. She can climb into the bathtub with

aid of another. As this young lady can walk and is around 5 foot tall it is

imperative that she is not left alone other than for really short periods, as

she can fall, grab and break things or slam doors repeatedly causing damage to

herself or her surroundings.

We have a specially adapted chair (buggy) for support on

outings, which fits into her new Citron van, so a driving licence for our

carers is a necessity.

To take her out in the car it is necessary to have two

carers or one and a family member, however the buggy can be used by a single

carer to take her on local walks for 1-2 hours at a time. This is encouraged as

it provides stimulation to Jyoti and gives her a change of scenery.

Self-Care – This

young lady does not have the capability to go to the toilet by herself, and

uses adult pads, which need changing every 4 hours (or less dependent on


She has two showers a day, one in the morning and one mid-afternoon.

Her teeth are also brushed at the same time. Full responsibility for her

personal care.


This lady forms lasting bonds with people, it may take time

for her to adjust to someone, she is very responsive, loving and sometimes

mischievous with those she loves. She needs patience and understanding, but

sometimes needs to be told no so someone with the ability to judge situations

and outcomes is key.