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  • Loughborough


SupervisorDr David Allinson

Project Description

The latest evidence from field measurements suggests that energy demand of UK homes is significantly greater than intended. This energy gap is in part because the energy efficiency of the walls, roofs and floors is worse than expected. New test methods are being developed and existing ones written into standards to estimate the thermal performance of buildings. Research is needed to understand the accuracy of these methods so comparisons between measured and expected thermal performance is essential.

Smart meters will be installed in every home in the UK and there is an international effort to turn the data from these meters, combined with other measurements from Internet-of-Things devices, into building performance information. Just as cars deliver a plethora of information via the dashboard, so the home of the future will provide an array of information via web-based applications. But what should the metrics be and how can they be calculated reliably?

This PhD will build on research being undertaken in an international network which is developing the methods and metrics needed to evaluate and communicate building performance to households and a wider range of stakeholders. The research will utilise data from the UK’s largest field trials, require measurements made in our test houses and use the latest modelling software.

The successful applicant will join the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment at Loughborough.

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