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  • Entry level
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  • Salary £17,009.00 gross per year
  • Loughborough


SupervisorProf Malcolm Cook

Project Description

Reducing the cooling demand of the domestic sector in developing countries is an essential step in reducing the unsustainable increase in the use of portable air-conditioning in homes and achieving global reduction targets for greenhouse gases. Part of the solution lies in a combination of passive measures and energy-efficient mechanical systems. Ongoing research at Loughborough University in collaboration with CEPT University in India, is developing these hybrid systems for deployment into high rise apartment buildings.

The combination of mechanical and passive systems requires careful control to ensure an optimised operation which delivers thermal comfort and good indoor air quality without excessive energy consumption. Previous work has developed and validated control algorithms for this purpose. However, there is still a need to address outdoor air and noise pollution which can jeopardize the performance and uptake of natural ventilation and hence the potential energy savings.

This PhD will produce new methods and metrics for assessing the impact of external air and noise pollution on the performance of natural and hybrid systems in countries such as India. The work will be conducted using a combination of state-of-the-art experimental facilities and field measurements which will be used to validate computational simulation models based on Modelica and EnergyPlus.

The successful applicant will join the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment at Loughborough.

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