Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Northampton


The Programme Manager has a high-level of job responsibility and serves as a facilitator for school leaders on behalf of the Principal and the leadership team.

Contract from January 2020 to the end of the academic year, July 2020.

Responsibilities include
. Oversees planning and managing a range of high profile projects, the school’s schedules and calendars and ensures that agreed timelines and milestones are met within the school’s policy framework aswell as within agreed schedules
. Managing many key interdependent pieces of work so that they remain coherent to the school and its community and that there is consistency in the approaches used
. Issuing reminders when key deadlines are approaching and ensuring that those colleagues responsible for strands of work issue progress reports in a timely and efficient fashion in line with agreed expectations
. Support the performance management of staff by ensuring that key elements of the school’s improvement planning are achieved in a timely fashion without unnecessary slippage
. Tracking activities and supporting the Principal in the co-ordination of several complex calendars, diaries and projects across the school
. Ensuring key projects are kept on track and to agreed deadlines
. Efficient use of time is key and the avoidance of project timing clashes
. Evening out periods of peak activity wherever possible is key

The job will include many of the following tasks:
• Problem solving
• Ensuring that project and other schedules are maintained.
• Ensuring that reports on project status are completed by project and team leaders in line with expectations
• Providing and developing templates for scheduling and reporting.
• Ensuring that reports and schedules pay due attention to resource demands, other projects, and satisfy policy requirements.
• Helping to mitigate risks by alerting senior staff when overruns are anticipated or when costs are running ahead of expectations.
• Ensuring that marketing and communications opportunities are followed up with the relevant colleagues.
• Facilitating effective leadership and governance of the school’s improvement plans.

Skills and experience required:
• Experience of working in a School environment
• Previous experience managing multiple projects
• Prince 2 qualification would be advantageous
• Flexible
• Analytical
• Collaborative
• Creative
• A Problem solver
• A good negotiator
• Able to set out plans, calendars, schedules, and reporting arrangements in a clear and readily assimilated style.
• Able to multitask and work with leaders and teams that have a range of styles and skills.
• Persistent

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  • marketing
  • ms project
  • project manager