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Live registration with the NMC

Whilst working on behalf of Retain Healthcare we expect all professional Nurses to uphold the 4 R's

Retaining Quality
Retaining Independence
Retaining Staff
Retaining Skills

Once you have committed and accepted a shift from the office team or emergency out of hours you will be expected to honour the shift unless in exceptional circumstances.

To perform proficiently and professionally in the execution of nursing duties, whilst complying with the policies laid down by the placement area and Retain Healthcare.
Adopt a positive attitude and approachable manner.
Establish and maintain effective communication with individuals
News2 update and appropriate record keeping
Carry out rounds involving safe administration of medication in accordance with local, company and NMC policy guidelines
Develop relationships with people, which value them as an individual.
Promote equality and diversity of people.
Contribute to effective team management and form effective working relationships with colleagues.
Minimise the risks arising from health emergencies.
Assist the patient to meet their hygiene needs.
Provide mouth and eye care.
Complete patient's observation charts accurately
Assist patients to change position regularly adhering to The Moving and Handling Regulations.
Prepare a client for investigations and procedures.
Implement care required for a wound.
Safely manage infusion pumps and syringe drivers in line with the manufacturer's guidelines.
Prioritise and delegate the care required by your clients.
Take appropriate action when informed of any serious abnormalities or deterioration in a patient's condition.
Accurately gather, observe, label and send specimens.

Safely manage naso- gastric tubes gastrostomy and feeding regime required.
Give clear and concise reports on care given.
To carry out assessments on new clients, and to use your professional skills to design an individual care package for each client and to continually review, update and complete care plans for all individuals that will meet their own unique and very specific needs.
Report accidents / Incidents occurrences as they happen in writing to both placement area and Retain Healthcare
Be active and alert in identifying signs of abuse and reporting suspected or confirmed abuse cases in accordance with SOVA local policy and Retain Healthcare Services


Ensure you have had a sufficient induction into each placement area you are assigned to.
Make certain you are aware of fire procedures and emergency contact details for each placement area you attend
Ensure you have had a full and comprehensive handover of each client you are taking over care for and do so BEFORE ever accepting responsibility for a site / set of keys.
You are responsible for your own Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Keep your revalidation, clinical practices and training up to date to ensure your nursing care is safe with the most up to date techniques.


Take or create unnecessary risks
Work outside your own capabilities / competency

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