Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • London


Here at Vanilo, we are a fast growing food Startup which creates unforgettable food experiences for our customers delivered straight to their doors across 8 sites in London (and soon in Paris!) under the Yoobi Sushi and Lolo Poke brands. We are looking for a talented content creator to join our team, grow our social media presence and engage with our customers.
As a Social Media + Content Producer you will be responsible for creating amazing content and telling the story of our food brands in an engaging and inspiring way. Passionate about food, design, and relationships, you are a natural storyteller and love to push the boundaries of creativity. You will lead our social media efforts and will create impactful and engaging social content and campaigns to ensure our feeds are elevated, curated and reflect the DNAs of our brands.
The task at hand:
- Drive growth across our social media channels and engage with our customers.
- Plan content to be created for each platform.
- Brainstorm ideas which are specifically tailored to each social media platform.
- Work with our chefs, teams, and partners to produce the content.
- Ensure content is fresh and engaging.
- Present management with content plans.
- Track progress across platforms to ensure impact and continued growth.
- Ensure the brand identity of each brand come through the content which is created.
- Engage with our customers by replying to their comments, and creating a conversation with them to build lasting relationships.
Requirements/skills needed
- 3-5 Years experience in photography, video and social media.
- Exceptional storytelling skills and creativity.
- Able to deliver high quality video, photography and designs suited to social media.
- Quick and efficient on post production and editing of video and photography.
- Very knowledgeable of instagram, snapchat, facebook, youtube, and twitter with a proven track record on each.
- Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs (PhotoShop, Premiere, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom).
- Ability to multitask several projects and deadlines.
- Strong understanding of production workflow.
- Good knowledge of contemporary cameras, file formats, codecs, and their proper handling in a post workflow.
- Ability to organize and archive files to facilitate teamwork, and pull up past content.
- Comfortable with Google Apps Suite (Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Docs).
- A passionate foodie with awareness of what is going on in the world of restaurants and food.
Please send us:
In order for us to best assess your work and your candidacy, please send through:
1. Resume / CV
2. 2-3 Paragraphs on why you are an awesome fit for this position.
3. Links to any relevant work on instagram, facebook, youtube, personal website, etc.

  • facebook
  • illustrator
  • indesign
  • photoshop
  • twitter