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Job Description:The Uninterruptible Power Supply technician shall perform inspection and testing of uninterruptible power systems in accordance with manufacturer data, to include:Weekly inspections on status, data, and alarm displays for all conditions, such as on/off and bypass mode condition.Weekly inspection of A/C and D/C voltage and current input and output of inverter, bypass, and battery supply.Weekly inspection of batteries and connections.Maintaining a log of all inspections that include tests, amounts of solution added, repairs, dates of activity, and initials of technician.Annually testing of all batteries and the coordination of replacements, as necessary, with third party manufacturers. End of useful life replacement of entire battery strings will be coordinated and executed by local resources.Annually coordinate the services of factory or manufacturer technicians when their expertise is required to troubleshoot, repair, replace, and maintain all UPS, and its associated components, in order for the UPS component/equipment to function per its designed intent.Daily inspections of UPS systems and monitoring systems (i.e. CELLWATCH/SCADA/Power Vision).The technician shall conduct minor maintenance on the UPS modules. This includes control board replacement, fan replacement, cleaning, and individual battery cell maintenance.The technician shall coordinate discharge tests as part of a routine maintenance schedule.The technician shall perform limited expansion and installation of associated UPS systems, SCADA controls, Power Vision and Cell Watch alongside third party vendors.Other duties as assigned

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