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You haven't heard of us before?

That's perfectly okay: you're here now. Let me tell you a bit more about why we need you (clue Lord Kitchener Wants You, 1914).

We're a small but mighty company. Small, because one of the reasons you probably haven't heard about us is that we've only been operating for 3 years (although at 120 colleagues and counting, others might not consider us small). And mighty you can see in the work that we do (take our last fundraising success as proof that our work works!).

Another reason why you might not have heard of us is because we haven't hired someone to run our brand and communications...until now.

In the past couple of years, our marketing efforts have been to pique potential customers' attention about Pleo and then to introduce them to our account managers. That has worked well and we're going to keep on doing that.

But now we're looking for someone to build our brand, to tell our story to the world. We are looking for someone to make sure that Pleo is not just a company card, but also an expression of company culture and trust: that companies trust all of their employees, even with the business money.

In our minds, that's how you change the future of work today.

And so we're looking to invest in a brand (excuse the pun) new team here at Pleo. We need someone who's looking for that sense of ownership and challenge to spearhead this. We're after a leader who gets excited by the idea of building things, and would love to get their hands dirty to set up our company's brand strategy from scratch.

Of course, this can't be done by you alone. You will need a team to surround your efforts there: we've got an idea in terms of what that team will look like but the end result will be up to you. With this role comes complete freedom. You will have full responsibility in deciding which roles you need as a part of your team to help you to succeed. You'll also then be the one responsible for hiring them, and building your own A Team. We don't want to direct you here: we'd like you to tell us how this part of the business is going to work. We're here just for support. For this, we're looking for someone who is comfortable with this level of responsibility, and sees this as a strong next step.

And that's just on the leadership side of things. Work-wise, we're looking for someone who is experienced in building brands and executing campaigns in hyper-growth, tech environments (ideally with a B2B background). You would be owning and working across all of our channels: PR, social media, written content and setting up a creative brand studio. You'd be building your own brand and content team to focus on this, while working cross-functionally with performance marketing and outreach teams.

What will help you out most in this position is past experience and a hands on attitude. First up, experience working in a hyper-growth tech space. We grow really fast and we'll need you to be ready for that. But secondly, you'll need to have bandwidth for the position itself. You will lead PR and corporate communications, and you'll also define our marketing and brand strategy together with your team. To do all of the above effectively, you need the relevant experience from having done it all before, and the confidence from past successes to do it again.

In terms of experience level, we're aiming high for this one (if you're wondering whether you're too experienced for this position, you're not). You will be running your own business unit and reporting to the CEO, after all. Saying that, we may hire on potential for someone to grow into these responsibilities. The important thing that we need here is that you are someone who has succeeded in building brands and campaigns that will resonate with our target audience.

Up for the challenge? We hoped you'd say that.

The hard skills needed

Strong sense of leadership with the ability to build up and lead a new team

Past experience in helping teams you've led succeed

Proven track record of implementing brand and marketing plans

You're on top of the trends in your space - and aren't scared to take risks and set new trends yourself

Native-level English speaker

Your colleagues say you

Work in cross-functional teams easily

Are easy to work with

Come up with creative, lateral-thinking solutions often...

...but don't let them sit at ideation phase: you actually get them done

Are a person they would also enjoy having a coffee with (virtual or not)

Your mom says you

Were creative even as a kid (and probably she still has your art hanging on the wall as proof!)

Loved listening to stories - and then started to make your own up

Take on challenges happily

Probably work in IT (moms)

Show me the benefits!

Get your own Pleo card for no out-of-pocket spending, and full autonomy

Flexible work: working from home when you want, where you want (we trust you)

Continual learning & development opportunities

Team camps around the world - remotes flown in (around once a quarter) for team building and learning - next one's in Berlin. Just saying!

A competitive warrant programme in line with your salary

If you're in Copenhagen's HQ: catered lunch in the office

Working at Pleo means you're working on something very exciting: the future of work. Through fintech we've seen a way to impact how people work; we think company spending should be delegated to all employees and teams, that it should be as automated as possible, and that it should drive a culture of responsible spending.

Sometimes, people write nice things about us

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