World-traveled Veteran, Organizational Leadership Researcher, Evaluator and Advisor, and highly experienced Aviation Professional, currently seeking professional opportunities.


  • Leadership Specialist

    at Veteran Leadership

    May 2016 - at Present


    As an Organizational Leadership professional, I use my education, experience, and subject matter expertise as a military leader and instructor, to teach, coach, mentor, and guide both individuals and organizations down the path of success. I provide professional Leadership Development services for Individuals and Leadership Evaluation and Advising services for Organizations. Refer to "Professional Leadership Development" below for more information.

  • Editor in Chief

    at The Warfighter Journal

    January 2015 - at Present


    The Warfighter Journal is a community founded on the principles of providing the worlds Professional communities with expert advice, analysis, and information relevant to them from their most trusted subject matter experts (SME’s) – fellow Veterans and Professionals who truly understand the Warfighter mentality. Our SME’s are highly experienced leaders with a desire to share their knowledge and experience to rise others up and breed a culture of success. We provide our community with well-written, referenced and cited information designed to promote critical thinking and cultivate self-motivated personal and professional development. As the Editor in Chief, it is my responsibility, and humble pleasure, to guide the developmental process of both the staff and the community, to provide purpose, direction, and motivation, to grow the organization, and work towards accomplishing the mission. Find our more at:

  • Aviation Section Chief

    at United States Army

    January 2006 - May 2014


    - Directly responsible for flight crews and maintenance sections management for aviation flight and ground operations, standardization and training, maintenance, repair, inspection, and mission requirements of rotary-wing aviation operations. - Received numerous safety awards for outstanding performance in the duties of aviation operations and safety - including 300+ Night Vision Goggle flight hours, and 1000+ flight hours accident free. - Performed aviation, ground, and flight operational duties covering the broad-spectrum of aviation operations at the local, joint, and multinational operational levels, including: general aviation, aviation support, POTUS/VIP/DV operations, MEDEVAC, SAR/CSAR, personnel recovery, air-assault, high-altitude, over-water and maritime operations, training, instruction and evaluation, relation-building, advising, mentorship, and specialized aviation operations.

  • Operations Senior Section NCO

    at United States Army

    January 2006 - May 2014


    - Managed, maintained, inspected, and standardized sensitive records, systems, databases, inspections, personnel documents, and programs that covered 4 installation commands. - Acted as a liaison between the chief of the branch, and all rotational personnel, branch customers, and installation organizations and commands, handling immediate mission needs with precise communication, open cooperation, professional tact and subject matter expertise, that further strengthened close working relationships and trust between the branch and other organizations and commands. - Directly responsible for the leadership, leadership development, supervision, and management of a team of temporary 6-month and 90-day rotational personnel assigned to the branch, to include counseling, coaching and mentorship, training and instruction, individual personnel records management, and all other senior leadership functions.

  • Environmental Compliance Officer

    at United States Army

    January 2006 - May 2014


    Environmental Compliance Officer Program Manager Safety Council Member - Managed HAZMAT/HAZCOM, and Environmental Compliance programs as a certified Environmental Compliance Officer in accordance with US Army, NATO, and SOFA agreement regulatory requirements and guidelines. - Acted as chief representative and subject matter advisor to the safety council regarding all matters of HAZMAT/HAZCOM and Environmental Compliance standards, issues, inquiries, projects, instruction, and individual unit readiness IAW U.S. Army, NATO, and SOFA requirements. - Worked with safety offices in operations of Occupational Health and Safety programs to include SOP development, Standardization, and Revision; Regulation Maintenance; Environmental Protection; Materials Management; POL and operations; HAZCOM (including MSDS, training and instruction); Hearing and Vision Protection; Spill Response Plans; Blood born Pathogens; Respiratory Protection; Transport of HAZMAT; and more.

  • Tactical Aviation

    at United States Navy

    December 2001 - December 2005


    Technician 7815 5345


  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

    at Pennsylvania State University

    2014 - 2016 (2 years) Pennsylvania

  • Associate of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences

    at Pennsylvania State University

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) Pennsylvania

Services offered

  • Professional Leadership Development

    As an Organizational Leadership professional, I use my education, experience, and subject matter expertise as a military leader and instructor, to teach, coach, mentor, and guide both individuals and organizations down the path of success.

    Leadership Development for Individuals:
    Through the use of teaching, coaching, guidance, and mentorship, I aid in the personal and professional growth of individuals at all levels while setting continuously progressive standards and expectations that challenges and creates growth. Areas of focus include (but are not limited to):

    - Values and Personal Development
    - Conceptual, Interpersonal, and Technical Skills
    - Influencing, Operating, and Improving
    - Core Development of the "Be, Know, Do" philosophy of leadership - a benchmark standard of military leadership and core values

    Leadership Evaluation and Advising for Organizations:
    Through careful evaluation and advising, I help organizations find and understand their current leadership roadblocks, aid in the development of plans of action to solve issues, aid in the development and implementation of developmental programs, and provide leadership with advising and mentorship services, promoting ownership, accountability, responsibility, critical thinking, and personal and professional growth.


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