I am the CEO and founder of GRCN Connecting Communities a non profit organization dedicated to helping people..
I have mastered the art of using radio and television to paint pictures to entertain audiences around the globe. My purpose is to encourage people to think.


  • President

    at Flash Back Academy

    June 2011 - at Present


    My responsibilities include program development and design. I seek out new business opportunities. Currently I am in the process of seeking partners to join me in developing a multi media broadcasting division internationally. Over see weekly quality of radio show broadcasting.

  • Executive Director

    at GRCN Connecting Comunities

    June 1983 - at Present


    My responsibility is to network with individuals and corporations around the world to provide training and other support services. Business development, management training, marketing strategies for middle managers as well as owners and CEO's. Our TV and radio training and broadcasting offers companies the opportunity to promote their products , goods and services around the world.


  • Trainer the Trainer

    at National School of Business

    2012 - 2012 (1 year) Washington, D.C.

  • PhD Psychology

    at University of Arkansas

    1978 - 1983 (5 years) Arkansas

  • General Studies

    at Pioneer

    1958 - 1965 (7 years)

Services offered

  • Executive Training, International Marketing Strategies

    Our training offer an out of the box approach to addressing many of the issues businesses are faced with in today's business world. There are many companies that have a long history of training tend to be in a box with the attitude that their way is not just the best way but the only way. Their bragging wrights is that they have trained several thousand managers and executives. But what they cannot tell you is that after their training how many of the companies that they represent can show and increase in productivity and sales.
    The way we work is very simple we help you grow your presence internationally. We don't just give you ideas. We wont just make you attend meetings while paying dues only to set across from other CEO's and listen to each other wine about what's wrong.
    We do not endorse nor encourage that you show all your weaknesses and let others who do not know your industry tell you what will work or won't.
    Our team is made up of individuals around the world that have and are currently leaders in their field and have a presence on the international stage.
    While we are great at what we do we are very selective as to whom we choose to work with. We also require the companies that we chose to work with to demonstrate that they are willing to support a humanitarian cause.

  • Staff Development Training

    Over several decades I have traveled across the US and Canada providing staff development training to small medium and large companies. Services that I find most in demand are as follows: Sexual Harassment, conflict resolution, setting appropriate boundaries team building, domestic violence and substance abuse.


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