US Trained Propagandist with Synthesized Intel supporting my Sales, Marketing & Strategic Expertise. Video Production Direction, Cross Platform Digital & Traditional Marketing & Sales Experience.


  • Implementing Treatment Alternatives for Chronic Pain & Opioid Dependency

    at Doctors Cannabis Consulting

    January 2017 - at Present


    Developed and implemented pain management programs utilizing Cannabis products to treat chronic pain and opioid addiction.

  • Media Strategist, Cross Platform Marketing Director

    at Hitman Public Relations

    February 2009 - at Present


    Successfully increased media coverage by 75% through the institution of social and media relations pro- grams, acting as producer, director and editor for video programming for distribution to online video platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, and more. ▪ Serve as the media contact for all external sources, responsible for successfully pitching stories to local, national and online services, writing press releases, providing print and broadcast interviews and develop- ing media materials, such as fact sheets and press kits. ▪ Provide expertise for celebrity brand management, including developing and managing online marketing campaigns for Farrah Fawcett, Kelsey Grammer, Professional Athletes and building effectively driving awareness, engagement and traffic to the website. ▪ Assess social media marketing strategies to determine the rate of return, identifying and tapping into new channels to optimize ROI and fuel revenue growth.

  • PR, Sales & Marketing Director

    at Body Slimming Expert

    August 2006 - at Present


    Successfully develop and implement a “weight loss” marketing strategy, to support the online marketing strategy of Dr. Stephanie King of DHMG. ▪ Contributed to the expansion of DHMG over three years to 50 international offices utilizing Dr. Kings (BSE) equipment and protocols. ▪ Provide innovative and creative consulting services while managing corporate marketing and communications functions, direct brand management, PR, media relations, corporate positioning, product launches, advertising, sales collateral and seminar marketing resulting in over 500% growth. ▪ Analyze market data and identified opportunities to significantly make a strong brand impression. and Cause Marketing to generate buzz, increase member loyalty, and reduce marketing cost. ▪ Develop marketing plans that focused on the ways our business was promoted, how to increase our customer base, how to generate profits, and where new growth opportunities can be located.

  • Media Relations, Client Marketing & Disruptive Media Strategist

    at H. Steven Brown, Attorney at Law

    January 2013 - September 2014


    Assisted company client in the public relations management of a mistake that would have resulted in public humiliation by a TV Action reporter, as well as a State Case of Fraud that if convicted would result in 20 years of incarceration. ▪ Successfully created a TV-show highlighting best practices of the client in question within a tight two-week timeline. ▪ Planned and staged a party with industry leaders, presenting an award for best practices, a strategy that resulted in the State Attorney General dropping all charges. ▪ Utilized the Internet as a medium direct the conversation with low-cost strategies and techniques, in- cluding Google Adwords, social networking sites, and targeted content positioning. ▪ Provided expert consultation, conducting research into current opinions and providing options for im- proving client image.

  • PR, online Video Producer & Director

    at Kelsey Grammar Live, (TOD) Television on Line

    February 2010 - October 2012


    Chosen to develop, produce and direct video content for Kelsey Grammer’s Online TV Platform, broad- cast and stored online while simultaneously broadcasting on mainstream television networks. ▪ Creatively developed online content, including Talk Shows, TV Series and other content for online broad- cast and distribution. ▪ Directed the Variety Comedy Awards on Kelsey Grammer’s online network. ▪ Planned special segments, interviews, and stories that are appealing to the audience and will enhance ratings amongst competitors. ▪ Wrote scripts for newscasters and help them prepare for clips and pictures being shown. ▪ Researched ratings and market trends to see what is working and what needs to be changed.

  • Media Relations, Public Relations & Social Media Strategist

    at Farrah

    March 2006 - September 2009


    Created and implemented an international strategy to override the media narrative, helping to bring Farrah Fawcett’s message of Cancer Testing to the public. ▪ Created relationships with the foreign press to send our message, resulting in US news outlets to broad- cast Ms. Fawcett’s message. ▪ Created a distinct stratagem and guiding principles to increase the efficiency of Marketing and Operations Management. ▪ Oversaw the development of all branding and social media creation and management. ▪ Created events to support the cause, connecting with other celebrities and organizations to cross-pro- mote.


  • MS Exercise Science, Communications

    at Great Bay University

    2012 - 2017 (5 years) Massachusetts

  • Accredited Olympic Team Doctor

    at Medical Manager, Team Doctor

    1996 - 1996 (1 year) Georgia

  • Accredited Olympic Team Doctor

    at Medical Management Team Physcian.

    1992 - 1992 (1 year) Barcelona


    at Diplomat Sports Medicine

    1990 - 1992 (2 years) California

  • Doctor of Chiropractic

    at Biomedical Education

    1984 - 1987 (3 years) California

  • Bachelor of Science

    at Biomedical Eduction, Business Admin

    1982 - 1984 (2 years) California

Services offered

  • Marketing Director

    Cross Platform Digital & Mainstream Marketing Executive.

  • Director, Producer

    Produced & Director of client video's, talk shows, and news broadcast to support marketing strategy.


  • English Native

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