I am a software mentor and consultant.

My main focus is building resources to teach people about software development at www.professorbeekums.com

I also am available for software consulting.


  • Founder, Software Mentor, Software Consultant

    at Professor Beekums LLC

    December 2016 - at Present


    Creating resources to make learning about software development much easier. Target audiences: - Non-technical cofounders who need to hire developers and work better with them - Potential students of bootcamps who need to know if they should invest in the tuition for a bootcamp - Software developers who want to learn more about high level fundamentals of software development Also serving as a software consultant to a number of clients.

  • Lead Software Engineer

    at Schoology

    March 2015 - December 2016

    New York

    Team lead for Schoology's assessments development team: - Mentored engineers on the team to help them grow in areas they needed to to advance their careers. - Responsible for improving the velocity of the team as well as improving visibility for completion of the product roadmap. - Conducted technical due diligence for a third party that would handle a major aspect of Schoology's application. - Managed the technical relationship with the third party as well as created the architecture for the integration. - Convinced the entire engineering organization to conduct much smaller releases for new features to improve velocity and quality. - Improved communication loops between Engineering, QA, Product, and UX. - Project manager for one of the largest initiatives the company has taken. - Helped improve engineering estimates so that product managers could better prioritize feature work.

  • Senior Software Engineer

    at Shapeways

    February 2013 - March 2015

    New York

    Technical Lead for the Platform group at Shapeways: - Creating/modifying data models that scale - Metrics and monitoring of production systems to make identifying production bugs and performance problems much easier and quicker - Development of a geographically redundant and fault tolerant storage system - Development of a flexible system for running various 3D tools used to analyze 3D models to ensure that they can be physically printed in various materials such as plastic, ceramic, and steel. - Creating technical and non-technical solutions that can increase the velocity of other members in the company without requiring them to work more hours.

  • Server Engineer

    at Large Animal Games

    March 2010 - February 2013

    New York

    Worked on the Toga framework, which all of Large Animal's social games are based on. - Database design that scales to millions of users - Multi-layered caching system to ensure that web servers retrieved data as fast as possible - Service layer for client applications to make requests to the application servers - Statistics module for gathering key metrics on the effectiveness of features - Designed and managed server deployments using AWS EC2 and S3 with Rightscale - Mentored numerous engineers on creating scalable systems and flexible software design - Refined scrum process to make the Toga team more effective - Coordinated feature development across multiple teams - Convinced the organization to switch all engineers to full stack. I helped with this transition and it reduced the friction between front end and back end teams. - Refined the interview process to better determine the capabilities of engineering candidates.

  • Software Engineer

    at Enterasys Networks

    July 2007 - March 2010


    Part of the development team for the Enterasys Network Access Control (NAC) product. While there was a large development team for the product suite, I was one of two developers working on the very core framework for the product. Projects included a major refactoring of the server application, creating a script that would upgrade old versions of the product, fixing bugs on the client side GUI, writing a DNS proxy and integrating the product with third party applications. Technologies involved were Hibernate, Axis, RADIUS, Navis RADIUS, Microsoft NAP, Kerberos, DHCP and SNMP.

  • Software Development Intern

    at CA Technologies

    June 2006 - November 2006

    New Hampshire

    Created new features and fixed bugs for an enterprise system that monitored the status of devices in a client's network.

  • Requirements Engineer Intern

    at SIAC

    August 2004 - February 2005

    New York

    Was responsible for developing the requirements on an Order Management System. Frequently interacted with the client (New York Stock Exchange) in order to ensure the quality of the requirements.


  • Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering

    at Rochester Institute of Technology

    2002 - 2007 (5 years) New York

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