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My traits are as follows:
Charge ahead WARRIOR
Disruptive VISIONARY


  • Source Direct Technician for ThermoSpas

    at Jacuzzi

    March 2016 - at Present


    As an educator he is currently working directly with consumers to help them design and build their own custom hot tub for relaxation and therapy. After a long day at work I couldn’t imagine anything more stress-free than enjoying a hot tub experience in my own back yard on a starlit evening. Drew Spink-Automotive Sales Generalist ThermoSpas is the Rolls Royce of spas. It was so nice of you to come to our home and explain all of the features... we know of multiple benefits for health you receive from a spa. What we didn't realize is the warranty on these spas. WOW! 20 Years. I hope others will not wait too long to get one of these spas. They truly can add quality to your life. - Zoe Pine-Medical Coder He was quite knowledgeable, polite, cordial and well spoken. He took time to field all our questions. He worked within our financial constraints, and provided us with a super deal. I was totally pleased with the great deal he gave us. Lee Reeves-Vice Pres. @ Manasota 10-13 Club

  • Director of various Non-profits helping them grow.

    at GroU.org

    September 2015 - at Present


    GroU is dedicated to helping various not for profit projects, groups, and charities grow: CONNECTING with LOVE, 🅱randing @dvertising Ⓜarketing, & CONNECT SUGGESTIONS Benjamin strikes me as one the most sincere and genuine networking professionals out there. He listens incredibly well to what someone is asking from him or for help, and he delivers advice, often with gift of creativity and presentation. He is valuable to work with! Scott C. Furlong, MBA-Engineer Ben is a person that is full of HOPE and COURAGE. His determination brought him beyond his expectations. I am very thankful to him because his eagerness and pleasant attitude created a high impact to the project, each team, and members. Marlina Mayo-Co-Owner @ BJB Mining Services & Resources Co. Ltd. He has unique expertise in online business strategy, marketing, branding and sales. All in all, he is one of the most prominent social media Gurus out there. János Kurdics, PhD,-Professor of Mathematics

  • Super Connector


    July 2015 - at Present


    Ben was chosen with 249 other top LinkedIn bloggers across the globe and named BlogPoet for 2015. He is an accomplished networker and marketing pro. I appreciate his support in my work. Isvari Mohan-Law Scholar/Writer/Singer His pointers and suggestions have helped me expand our brand online, while moving up the local search terms. It will not take long to see that Ben brings a unique set of tools to the table with his diverse sales and marketing background. His social media connections and prowess are a couple of areas that make him a valuable contribution to any organization; a candidate that stands out front. Mike O’Connor-Chief Happiness Officer @ SPNlocal We got Ben's unique perspective on how to move forward as a super CLOSER on future international sales. Geoff Webb-GM @ Black Prince Winery It would be hard to imagine how much further behind our goals we would be without his experience and wisdom leading the way. Fatima Kollie/Lankah-Cofounder @ CONNECTINGwithLove.COM

  • Brand Strategist on Chatter through ECCO USA, Inc.

    at SalesForce

    January 2013 - June 2015


    His contributions to my company were many. He went above and beyond the call of duty by thinking outside of the box and was the only employee in 500 to win the prestigious BRAVO award on three occasions! Benjamin quickly moved up to Influencer level. His posts included high profile consumer brand advocates like rock star, Rick Derringer and the orthopedic surgeon for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He launched a short video that he had produced which laid out the basics of how to display athletic shoes while fully exposing the otherwise hidden logo. Ben’s sales and CRM skills would benefit any company. Karen Eng Karkis-Sales @ Dr. Martens Ben, is a "get it done" individual. He is ready to charge into the middle of any marketing related issue and find a solution that spells S.U.C.C.E.S.S. He is one of those rare types that accomplish goals. His many professional years in retail, make him a target by many firms looking for skilled and loyal team members. Dr. Anthony Poncetti-Assoc. Pastor

  • Senior Field Sales

    at ECCO USA, Inc.

    June 2006 - June 2015


    Ben is the consummate sales professional. He is completely dedicated to making and maintaining long term and mutually beneficial client relationships. A brand ambassador, he made sure that the brand was the platform that customers and consumers could connect with, not just the product. He is tireless and will go any extra mile that is necessary and has been a great partner to ensure that marketing programs could get activated. I gladly recommend Ben Pinto for a senior sales position, because his experience and insight along with great people skills are highly valuable for any business trying to get to the next level. Evert Rotteveel-Senior Marketing Manager @ ECCO He is one the most knowledgeable salesmen in the industry. He is very passionate about shoes. Mark Denkler-Past Chair National Shoe Retailers Assoc. Very passionate about what he does and a hard worker. He is a forward thinker; engaging, entertaining and a social media Guru. Keith McMahon-Senior Field Sales @ ECCO

  • Sales Aassociate

    at Dillard's Inc.

    June 1996 - June 2006


    To Everyone, Ben Pinto is a highly effective and passionate industry professional. Ben's comprehensive understanding of the marketplace allowed him to optimize sales for the Nina brand while he was at Dillard's. Ben's strong connections, dedication, and integrity insure that he will be a valuable asset to his next employer. Jacqueline Dinowitz-Footwear Design Director When ECCO interviewed me for their opening in shoe wholesaling they asked me, "why do you want to leave Dillard's." I replied, "It isn't that I want to leave Dillard's, in fact, I love working there. I am crazy about my ECCO shoes and I am such a brand advocate that it is my favorite shoe to sell by a longshot so my calling is with you." Ben Pinto

  • Remodeler

    at HOUSE.XYZ

    May 1994 - June 1996


    Benjamin Pinto did handyman stuff around my home, for me, back around 1995. He paid attention to detail in the carpentry and other fix-ups he did and was always on time and on price (or lower.) His creative ideas in remodeling were chosen by us to plan projects and complete the work. We asked him to fly out to Nebraska, in 2016 and do the following: Railing posts and banisters, kitchen and bath room repairs and any other fix-ups around the home. Nowadays, when you get someone you can trust, it pays to have them come back as opposed to taking risks with new help. Even areas that he doesn't work on, like electrical, are something we want his opinions on. This is the kind of thoughtfulness we have come to expect from Benjamin Pinto. We expect to have him back again, and to work us in his schedule around his other commitments. Monique Smith-Homeowner

  • CEO (Conjuring Entertainment Organizer)

    at Magi.Center

    January 1992 - May 1994


    Magic store, museum, and theater in the heart of the historic & tourist district of St. Augustine, FL. The partnership sold magic supplies to professional & amateur magicians and passerby tourists seven days a week. Many of the magic effects were invented by Jammin' Ben Pinto, and produced in-house, which had the effect of increasing profit margins. They were easy to sell without any competitive forces involved due to their originality. Day to day activities included creating balloon sculptures for the public directly on the pedestrian only Saint George Street and mini close-up magic demonstrations at the magic counters in the store. We performed two shows for the public on each weekend day in our 50 seat theater. The shows were vaudeville style with Magic, Clowning, Escapes, Balloon Sculpting, Fire-eating, and Mindreading. For Halloween and the Holiday season we offered shows that were themed to those festive occasions. All shows were themed to music & light show. Jud Ware-Partner

  • Freelance Logo Designer and Domaining Specialist

    at DoNames.Domains

    January 1989 - December 1991


    Freelance logo work 1989 - Present. Domain Procurement 2014 - Present Benjamin Pinto is highly recommended by me as an asset to big corporations or as a key employee in a ‘Main Street’ growing company. We share a common industry, Apparel & Fashion. As a clothing manufacturer for many clients, I have found his background in brand naming development to be unique and thoughtful. Whether he uses traditional .com, .org, .net extensions like MochaAh.com, TennisIn.net, and GroU.org, which all spell the same when read from back to front, or the new extensions with names like cat.chat, univ.degree, magic.show, all of the names are easy to remember. Whether your existing organization is looking for a new website name or you have a new business in need of a branding package with logo and domain name, Ben will help you from concept through securing the desired website/email domain names. He also has many ready for immediate purchase and use. Awlad Bhuiyan-Managing Director @ NYC Sourcing Ltd.


  • 29 Super Sales Training courses: 1-7, 101-103, 201-219,

    at Dave Yoho Associates

    2016 - at Present (5 years) Virginia

  • 23 certificates of completion

    at Lynda.com

    2016 - at Present (5 years)

  • 1 course completion

    at STeven evenTS

    2016 - at Present (5 years)

  • 5 completed

    at The sales DEN

    2016 - at Present (5 years) California

  • Certification (13 courses)

    at LinkedIn Learning

    2016 - at Present (5 years)

  • 11 completed

    at Right on MARK

    2016 - at Present (5 years) New York

  • Social Selling Index 87/100

    at LinkedIn

    2015 - 2016 (1 year)

  • 13 test scores averaged 3.98 grade points (out of 4)

    at SkillSoft

    2015 - 2015 (1 year)

  • Real Estate Associate Diploma: August 12, 2015

    at Bob Hogue School of Real Estate

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) Florida

  • Social Sales IQ rank #1 / Social Sales IQ 4001

    at Microsoft Social Sales Certification

    2015 - 2015 (1 year)

  • Personality type: ENFP

    at Jung Personality Testing

    2015 - 2015 (1 year)

  • 5 courses

    at ECCO Sko (in Denmark)

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) Region Syddanmark

  • Credit Card Enrollment Course

    at General Electric Money Bank

    2004 - 2004 (1 year) Florida

  • Undergraduate

    at Northern Virgina Community College

    1981 - 1982 (1 year) Virginia

Services offered

  • Domain name research and procurement for your company or for investment

    Including doing domain work for you, I also have some ready to go domain names for sale:


    Purchase of these can be set up with the escrow company of your choice. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY.

  • EcomMENDER

    "eCommerce is the difference between being a dud or The DUDe" - Ben Pinto

    "It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Ben Pinto. Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to meet really great people online and bring that friendship off line. I am lucky I can call Ben my friend.

    Ben is a Super Connector and brought me into the CONNECT SUGGESTIONS project and I have been very pleased with the outcome and have met some fascinating individuals. If you ever get the chance and meet Ben in person you might just be lucky enough to have him dazzle you with a little magic. Trust me you cannot go wrong by having Ben in your social media circle of friends."

    Loribeth Pierson 🌠 LinkedIn Trainer -Speaker ► I Help YOU Discover How To Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads For Businesses & Individuals ☕

  • Brand Samurai© Training

    from Clerks to CLOSERS
    from Workers to WARRIORS
    from Salespeople to SAMURAIS

    What is a Brand Samurai?
    First lets look at other names for people promoting brands...

    1) Brand Advocates are people that love your brand so much they tell their friends. Examples for me include:
    Mighty Wallet® by DYNOMIGHTY DESIGN
    Nespresso® coffee system
    ECCO® shoes (which is why I went to work for them)

    2) Brand Ambassador are people that believe in a brand so much, that they will work for the company that owns the brand. They may work full time, part time, permanent or temporarily, and may be paid or volunteer like a docent does for a museum. They may work for a customer of the company that owns the brand. An example would be a sales associate working for a retailer that buys and resells a shoe brand and promotes it, with vigor, as part of the job, usually out of personal appreciation for the brand.

    3) The most fiercely loyal position of a Samurai working for a Shogun represents the height of showing love for the brand. Samurais were known to sacrifice themselves as their code of honor required, on behalf of their Shogun.
    A Brand Samurai© is someone that through dedication and loyalty is so skilled in the art of speaking well about your brand, that (s)he develops Brand Advocates and Brand Ambassadors benefitting the brand and the company owning the brand.
    Brand Samurai© training involves a system of training the front line workers in your business to be outstanding employees of your company with a desire to make everyone who is associated with your company, crazy about your company.
    This in turn creates an impressive ROI to the training, lowers employee turnover in your company, increases sales and profits, and reduces other training costs.

  • Social CLOSER System© of Engagement (for LinkedIn®)

    C omment
    L ike
    O riginate
    S hare
    E ndorse
    R ecommend

    "Meeting Ben through LinkedIn has been a wonderful experience. He is a really quick learner, and absolutely pays attention to details. He has even showed me a couple of interesting hacks on LinkedIn! Ben is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working individual. Along with his undeniable talent, Ben has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other people."
    Loribeth Pierson 🌠 LinkedIn Trainer -Speaker ► I Help YOU Discover How To Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads For Businesses & Individuals ☕

  • Logo development that includes the organization's name or email address as part of the logo.

    Logo development that includes the organization's name or email address as part of the logo.

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