Digital Transformation CEO looking to Turn another company into a Digital Disruptor


  • CEO

    at NEC - Retired but Looking to lead another Transformation

    April 2001 - at Present


    I led NEC, (1) of the Big (4) Telecoms (Nortel, Avaya, Siemens) from manufacturer and distributor to a vertical market based network solutions and services provider. Recognizing that Telecom would soon experience a disruptive "Open Systems" Transformation similar to Computing's Disruptive history (DEC, Wang, Bull, IBM), I created a "Holistic Digital Transformation" based on treating Internet Protocol (IP) as an operating system, and I steered NEC to new ground as the Telecom Market's first Network Applications Solutions and Services Company. Just as Computing's DEC, Wang, and Bull Closed their doors, so followed Telecom's Nortel, Siemens' sold off its divisions, and Avaya sits in Chapter 11. Today, NEC is prolific and dominant player in the Digital market whose DNA now lends to reoccurring Transformation.


  • Bachelor of Science

    at Whitman College

    1990 - 1994 (4 years) Washington

Services offered

  • Digital Transformation CEO Leadership

    Trained By IBM as a Transformation Specialist, I have applied my skills to multiple companies to produce successful, defendable market outcomes.

    My specialty is companies struggling with survival that can not be saved through pure cost cutting and require a Harvest / Invest strategy into new business models.

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