• Editor

    at A.M. Best Company

    June 1998 - April 2016

    New Jersey

     Produced Best’s Underwriting Guide and Best’s Loss Control Engineering Manual.  Assigned articles and set deadlines.  Copyedited and proofread drafts of articles.  Managed a staff of six Assistant Editors.  Wrote an introductory guide for new staff members.  Contributed to marketing initiatives for the two publications.  Created a CD of podcasts to be given out at trade shows.  Contributed to the redesign of the products’ home page.  Tripled output within a four-year period.

  • Senior Associate Editor

    at Reed Elsevier

    June 1992 - August 1997

    New Jersey

     Addressed problems and inquiries from small and self publishers, ranging from doing corrections to instructing them on how their books can be listed  Updated title records, researched various projects, fielded questions from stores and libraries, proofread, and performed other troubleshooting.  Managed an Assistant Editor and several temps.  Developed and wrote a pamphlet, “Top 10 Questions Most Commonly Asked by New Publishers”, which was sent to all publishers working with Books in Print for the first time and used for training in-house staff.  Initiated the Publisher Information screen used in the Books in Print software system in order to facilitate rapid response during telephone queries.

  • Managing Editor

    at Starlog Communications

    June 1985 - June 1991

    New York

     Supervised five publications (one monthly, Starlog, one bi-monthly, Comics Scene, and three less frequent, related titles) through every stage of production.  Aided in determining each issue’s contents  Helped assign stories to freelancers  Copyedited all material  Proofread all work from early galleys to mechanicals  Contributed feature articles for the above magazines as well as for a sister publication, Fangoria.  Worked my way up to Managing Editor from Editorial Assistant.

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