I am an energetic artist, animator, creative type of person. I am also a systems engineer and robotics junky.


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    It's time to keep in touch with your customers! Apps are a great way to keep in touch with your customers. It can be done in a non-invasive, fairly passive, way via an app. Not all apps have to be super heavy, web strapped, monsters. Many businesses can get their messages to the customer with a simple data driven app. Do you have a menu? Get an app and increase sales via takeout orders. Have a price change or a sale at your store? An app is a perfect way to let your customers know.

    I am an android app developer and I specialize in informational apps. I build a wide array of apps from simple to complex, often for less than $100! I invite anyone who needs one or who is thinking of having one built to contact me. I always do the best I can with the time and budgets available.


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