I am passionate about learning, teaching, writing, social media. I am passionate about how to further the conversation of how technology affects society & government. Exploring how we secure it & educate those doing the work day in & out who face a different society from 5, 10, 15 years ago.


  • Wireless Program Manager

    at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    July 2016 - at Present


    I am responsible for the day to day supervision, administration, and management of our wireless program and assigned staff with a budget of over $11M. I support a geographically dispersed mobile dependent workforce. Supervisory duties include but are not limited to the strategic planning, communication of the program's vision and mission objectives along with setting programmatic and mission priorities within a law enforcement space. Defining, acquiring and allocating budget staff and other resources to accomplish set and often un-forecasted objectives. Responsible and involved in the designing, configuration, integration and deployment of unique cellular and wireless systems and devices into existing base-lined architecture.Designated IT liaison active on various Integrated Project Teams optimizing various law enforcement systems and processes. I

  • Federal Law Enforcement

    at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    March 2008 - at Present


    Support and further the mission of protecting America, uphold public safety and the enforcement of national laws. Duties include but are not limited to undercover assignments, identifying terrorist and criminal activities, including eliminating vulnerabilities that pose a threat to our nation, as well as enforcing economic, transportation and infrastructure security. Deployed and augmented various law enforcement and security personnel. Conducted specialized counterterrorism detection, deterrence, and surveillance detection activities operating Preventative Radiological Nuclear Detection equipment.Patrolled various venues, operated law enforcement vehicles, safeguarded various facilities to maintain order and establish a uniformed presence during exigent situations and natural disasters events namely hurricane sandy. Certain assignments listed separately

  • Wireless/Information Instructor

    at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    October 2013 - May 2015

    New York

    Managed sensitive information database access which includes reporting, auditing and analyzing data, as well as recurrent monthly training for Airport personnel. Subject matter expert on the agency’s mobile communication systems for the New York Field Office. Assisted users in troubleshooting their communication devices as well as provisioning, upgrading, replacing, suspending, and canceling service via various wireless service providers. Liaised and coordinated on a daily basis with the local Field Intelligence Officer, Explosive Specialist, and NYPD Counter Terrorism Division liaison to organize briefings Senior Management and Staff. Directed training venues, which provided instructions to the personnel. Authored and disseminated office-wide unclassified intelligence/information/officer safety broadcast communications. Maintained, managed and scrubbed daily open source unclassified information. Additionally, retrieved classified information vetting country-specific information

  • Disbursing Manager

    at New York Army National Guard

    August 2009 - August 2011

    An Najaf

    While deployed to Iraq (2009-2010), I administered a daily cash holding authority of 6 Million dollars, consisting of U.S. and Iraqi currency. Directed a contingency operation finance office’s day-to-day operations, comprised of disbursing funds, reconciling travel pay, paying commercial vendors for services rendered, ensuring contract processing and payment, working with foreign and national commercial banks; and supervising an office of 25 soldiers. Provided expert supervision in the command mandated project that encouraged the shift of US military, monetary transactions from paper currency to the Eagle cash card. Worked with the Federal Bank of Boston to decrease use of paper currency (USD/Iraqi Dinars) and minimize loss and theft. Successfully planned, coordinated, and executed pay missions across Southern and Northern Iraq to several forward operating bases in remote locations during exigent circumstances with zero loss of personnel, funds, or equipment.

  • Recruiter

    at New York Army National Guard

    December 2005 - March 2008

    New York

    As a recruiter, I effectively achieved and surpassed the National Guards recruiting goals. I was instrumental in advancing the organization's marketing plan efficiently advancing our outreach into an ethnically diverse low and middle-class community. Some of the marketing and awareness outreach I led included carrying out various multimedia classes and presentations at several trade fairs as well as college and high schools venues to students and adults of varying ages and backgrounds concerning topics ranging from interviewing skills, communication, leadership and substance abuse avoidance. I prepared and conducting interviews of numerous potential applicants enlisting into military service; performing background checks, I counseled soldiers regarding career progression within the service as well as civilian options at the end of their military contract.

  • Financial Management Technician

    at New York Army National Guard

    February 2003 - October 2005

    New Jersey

    Created courses of actions for soldiers’ personal finance issues; oversaw disbursing, travel, military, and civilian pay transactions; and guaranteed timely processing of audits and analysis of financial operations. Participated in the Debt Management Section and directed the Customer Service Section. Provided service to both active and reserve component soldiers during the initial Iraq surge of deployments from 2003 to 2005 and assisted the Fort Dix Army Base and Fort Drum Army Base Mobilization and Demobilization Finance Team.

  • Accounting Specialist

    at New York Army National Guard | 9/11 National Guard Responder | SPC/E4

    February 1999 - February 2003

    New York

    After the attacks of September 11th, I contributed to relief efforts and performed physical security operations throughout numerous sensitive locations around New York State for an extended period. Rendered assistance in numerous activities and support of the Chaplain Division Staff aiding in morale and welfare checks of personnel at various operating locations, and other tasks as required. As an accounting specialist performed accounting, accounts payable, disbursing and budget duties which included but were not limited to the following task: -Computing payroll and other allowances -Auditing accounting records -Preparing payments for Army personnel -Recording details of financial transactions on accounting forms -Auditing financial records -Disbursing cash, checks, advance pay and bonds -Organizing information on past expenses to help plan budgets for future expenses


  • Master of Science (M.S.), Digital Forensic

    at Stratford University

    2016 - at Present (2 years) Virginia

  • DHS Contracting Officer Representative Level 2

    at Defense Acquisition University

    2016 - 2016 (1 year) Virginia

  • DHS Program Manager Certification Level 1

    at Defense Acquisition University

    2016 - 2016 (1 year) Virginia

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Information Technology 4.0/4.0

    at Stratford University

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) Virginia

  • Information Technology Management

    at Berkeley College

    2013 - 2015 (2 years) New York


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