eBusiness, Web, Mobile App Builder, & Marketing Media Pro Who Is Relentlessly Focused On Your Customers . . . Public Speaker and Coach Intent on Changing the World Through Focused Influence


  • Principal

    at Dom De Bellis International

    September 2016 - at Present


    Mobile Apps • eBusiness Strategy • Content Marketing • Digital Media • Coaching • Speaking When I say our people will be ‘Relentlessly focused on your customers,’ I mean we devote our attention—first to turning your prospects into customers, next to satisfying those customers, and finally to making them your evangelists. So, every website we build, every mobile app we deploy, every content strategy we write, and every digital marketing media asset we craft—it's all about these 3 objectives, all built around a single relentless focus on your customers.

  • Lead Organizer

    at The Urban Ranch & Farm Project

    April 2009 - at Present


    Vision: To invest in community, one neighborhood at a time; to share God’s love with our neighbors; to creatively steward our natural resources; to sustain ourselves with food we grow, power we generate, and industry whose means of production we own together; we will create environmentally sustainable farms and ranches from unused (even blighted) city blocks, for the use and benefit of residents who live and work among them.

  • Fellow & Coach

    at LeaderArena.com

    January 2010 - January 2015


    LeaderArena is a business system built around thought leadership. Combining a marketing program, a profit model, and social web technology, members are able to launch a community based around ideas, attract and cultivate an audience, and profit from their brand like never before. LeaderArena is a community where thought leaders connect and bring their brands to life. Experts in their fields across categories and industries, each represents a powerful knowledge base; many disruptive, sometimes revolutionary in their field. LeaderArena is the most powerful platform for thought leadership. You should join us if you need help strategizing a profit model for your idea, marketing tools to promote it, and monetization systems. The community you build with LeaderArena is the fan base you will influence and profit from over and over. Your brand extends and replicates itself in fans who learn from you and spread your brand to their networks, giving you access to a truly global audience.

  • Chairman Emeritus

    at Riverstone Media Group

    January 2010 - January 2015


    Board member and hands-on executive manager; strategic planning, business development, marketing, finance

  • President & CEO

    at DeBellis Communications

    January 1993 - January 2010


    DeBellis Communications empowers business leaders with the distinctive processes, tools, and techniques needed to communicate their brand and seize emerging opportunities. As President & CEO, I served the leadership team. My operational roles included finance, marketing, client services, and creative/production.

  • Information Architect & Strategist

    at Watercolor Group

    January 2000 - August 2000


    Defined e-business strategy, information architecture, and data models. Managed content for commercial sites that integrated brokerage, distribution, manufacturing, and product development. Authored article on e-business strategy for a national trade magazine. Launched lead referral program on the Web.

  • Creative Director

    at True Image & Publishing

    December 1998 - June 1999


    Serviced accounts, directed creative projects, and managed media schedules for clients while educating them in brand strategy.

  • Writer & Editor

    at Andrew Corporation

    March 1995 - March 1998


    Developed marketing for 15 product lines, created communications that facilitated employee benefits enrollment and 401(k) investment, and created content for corporate Web site. Conceived and prototyped multilingual, Web-enabled support program for sales offices in 23 countries.

  • Vice President, Marketing

    at Revolution! Online

    January 1994 - February 1995


    Launched new services by developing marketing, packaging, and sales support for commercial online service. Built user interface, online help, and user surveys. Negotiated access for four schools and built for each an online community that featured custom content.

  • Contract Executive Assistant

    at O/E Management Services

    January 1993 - February 1995


  • Battalion Enlisted Training Coordinator

    at U.S. Navy Mobile Construction Battalion 25

    February 1989 - February 1995


    Developed a system to track, analyze, and recommend training to ensure maximum readiness of every member of my reserve battalion. It is critical that every person be ready in case of immediate mobilization, meaning they must certify at a certain level of competence in a given skill. For example, troops must be proficient in their rated skill (technical job), military weapons, safety gear, and technology, and finally in leadership commensurate with their respective roles in the unit.

  • Apple Student Rep

    at Apple Computer, Inc.

    August 1991 - December 1992


    Served as on-campus marketing representative. Coordinated promotions including in-store merchandising, quad events, information sessions, campus user community, and guerilla tactics. Supported authorized dealer near campus with advertising and marketing support. Demonstrated products in residence halls and academic media labs. Increased sales to university president's office, provost's office, and several college deans, in addition to sales made to faculty and students.

  • Student Leader

    at The Navigators

    August 1988 - December 1992


    As a student member of the Navigators collegiate ministry at Illinois State University, I served in ministry leadership including a men's Bible study, community service projects, worship services, retreats, and social events.

  • Resident Assistant

    at Office of Residential Life, Illinois State University

    January 1989 - May 1989


    Supervised a co-ed, senior- and graduate-level floor within residential housing on Illinois State University's campus. Served regular shifts on duty, patrolling grounds, enforcing policy, resolving conflicts, supporting residents, and providing guidance as needed. Developed social, cultural, and educational programs for students living in International House, successfully integrating multicultural residents in a vital, interactive community.


  • B.A.

    at Illinois State University

    1988 - 1992 (4 years) Illinois

Services offered

  • Leadership Coaching

    Contrary to popular belief, coaching is not consulting or therapy. Simply put, it is a process used to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.​ Your business goals and strategies come from you, the business owner. We assist and guide you by helping you clarify your vision and align it with your personal goals and values. This includes encouragement, support, and accountability.

  • Web design

    Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.

  • Mobile app development

    Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets.

  • E-commerce

    E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.Jun 1, 2016

  • Marketing consulting

    A marketing consultant is a marketing professional with expertise in strategies to engage customers and improve business opportunities, both through retaining existing clients and attracting new patrons.


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