Dr. Floyd Williams is an educator with years of professional experience working at various levels within a district. Through his experience working in schools, Dr. Floyd Williams has become increasingly passionate about helping students achieve their goals and move onto brighter futures.


  • Founder

    at Dr. Floyd Williams Consulting

    December 2017 - at Present


    Dr. Floyd Williams started offering consulting advice to educators after his extensive experience working in education. Dr. Williams has working in nearly every capacity within education, which has provided him with the knowledge and experience necessary to help other educators. Dr. Floyd Williams offers advice to other educators in order to provide them with the knowledge and resources to improve their classrooms and districts. Throughout his experience, Dr. Floyd Williams recognizes teachers as the cornerstone to helping students work toward their goals and brighter futures. By providing teachers with the resources necessary to help their students, districts can see great improvements and will get greater performance from their students.

  • Superintendent of Schools

    at Community Consolidated School District 62

    July 2016 - December 2017


    Dr. Floyd Williams has experience working as a school superintendent. He values this experience and believes it has given him great insight into another aspect of education. Working his way up from a teacher, Dr. Williams has been able to work at nearly every level of education. His role as superintendent has allowed Dr. Floyd Williams to give teacher's greater resources to use within their classrooms and truly make a difference in the lives of students.

  • Assistant Superintendent of Elementary School Leadership

    at School District

    June 2013 - December 2015


  • Principal

    at Milwaukee Public Schools

    August 2002 - June 2013



  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) - Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service

    at Cardinal Stritch University

    2003 - 2008 (5 years) Wisconsin

  • Master's Degree - General Educational Leadership and Administration

    at Concordia University - Wisconsin

    1996 - 1998 (2 years) Wisconsin

  • Bachelor's Degree - Interdisciplinary Social Science (Elementary/Middle School Education)

    at Marquette University

    1991 - 1996 (5 years) Wisconsin

Services offered

  • Consulting

    Dr. Floyd Williams offers consulting to other educators. Thanks to his extensive experience working in education, he has help a position in nearly every capacity possible in a district. Dr. Williams has decided to share his knowledge with other educators in an effort to help foster widespread change in how districts are run.

    Throughout his experience in education, Dr. Floyd Williams has learned that teachers are the backbone of providing students with quality education and the capability of moving onto a brighter future and accomplishing their goals. By giving teachers the resources and tools they need to make a difference, it'll be possible for educators to make a difference in the lives of students and help them work toward better things.

  • Education

    Dr. Floyd Williams has extensive experience working in education. His career began as a reading and math teacher, where he spent several years in the classroom working with students. He quickly realized that he wanted to move into other leadership roles within a school district and have as much impact as possible in making decisions to help students reach their goals.'

    In order to achieve this goal, Dr. Floyd Williams began working hard to further his education and find innovative ways to improve the districts he worked at. He realized that teachers are the most important aspect of a student's success, especially when teachers are often the first adults who encourage students that they can pursue their loftiest dreams.

    In any leadership position at the schools he's worked at, Dr. Floyd Williams has done his best to support teachers and provide them with the resources they need to help their students.


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