Duane Boise, the President and CEO of EMed Jamaica, has dedicated his career to improving the health industry. The ultimate goal of his company is to offer state-of-the-art services that are quicker and more efficient at connecting patients with the medical organizations they need.


  • President & CEO

    at EMED Jamaica

    January 1999 - at Present


    EMED Jamaica provides individualized health solutions for communities. His strategy is to efficiently combine the tasks of ambulances, air ambulances, local health care services, and health information technology systems of health care providers and physicians. This air ambulance services not only increases efficiency during emergencies, but it also helps with prevention, early disease detection, care management, and research. Duane Boise has focused on integrating EMED Jamaica’s diverse services within some of the nation’s largest trade unions, credit unions, and high-end tourist resorts, among many other locations. He has also worked to integrate the presence of EMED within other countries; the air ambulance service transports many patients from Jamaica to Florida (US), Canada, and the UK. Duane Boise has negotiated contracts with numerous international healthcare facilities for direct access.


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