1) Toxicology Consultant at the Whitehead Law Firm
2) Chicago School of Professional Psychology, New Orleans Campus; Adjunct Associate Professor Of Psychopharmacology


  • Adjunct Associate Professor Of Psychopharmacology

    at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, New Orleans Campus

    May 2018 - at Present


    Teaching of Graduate Courses in Psychopharmacology

  • Toxicology Consultant

    at Whitehead Law Firm

    September 2017 - at Present


    Research and provide Expert Witness Testimony in Drug Related ADR Hearings

  • Associate Professor of Psychology

    at Southern University Baton Rouge

    August 1999 - at Present


    1) Teaching. 2) Student Advisement. 3) Serving on student thesis committees. 4) Modifications of Physiological Psychology content to comply with standards for Louisiana Substance Abuse Certification Program. 5) Reassignment of all tenure-track faculty to comply with APA Accreditation standards. 6) Administrator of all Departmental IT operations/computer laboratory. 7) Courses taught: Physiological Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Psychopharmacology, Developmental Psychology, Advanced Statistics, Learning Theory, and History and Systems. 8) Publication of research in peer-reviewed, professional journals, book chapters, and conference presentations.

  • Adjunct Professor of Psychology

    at Louisiana State University Baton Rouge Campus

    August 1999 - at Present


    When requested, I teach undergraduate courses in Psychology. Following the tremendous influx of students from the New Orleans Campus following hurricane Katrina (in 2005), I was teaching an average of four courses per semester for several years, including the following: 'Introductory Psychology (multiple sections)', 'History and Systems (multiple sections), 'Drugs and Behavior', and 'Psychological Theories of Learning'.

  • National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Postdoctoral Fellow

    at University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Medicine, Dept.of Psychiatry & Human Behavior.

    August 1997 - January 1999


    My published research focused on investigating (on multiple levels of analysis, ranging from in vitro methods, such as radiolabeled ligand receptor binding assays, to immunofluorescence, up to behavioral analysis , including both Pavlovian, i.e., Conditioned Place Preference (CPP) and Operant behavioral measures, i.e., intravenous Drug Self Administration) relationships between binding affinities of dopaminergic agents at the Dopamine Reuptake Transporter (DAT), presynaptic dopaminergic autoreceptors, postsynaptic dopamine receptor subtypes, and concomitant, real time effects of those agents on Behavior --in both rodent and Rhesus Macaque animal models.


  • Ph.D. Behavioral Neuropharmacology

    at Bingamton University

    1993 - 1997 (4 years) New York

  • M.A. in Experimental Psychology

    at West Chester University

    1990 - 1993 (3 years) Pennsylvania

  • B.A. in Psychology

    at Rowan University

    1987 - 1989 (2 years) New Jersey

Services offered


    Statistical Packages- SPSS, SAS, Matlab, Redcap, Statistica, Brainwaves and STATA. Operating Systems for Windows and Mac- Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows Vista, Window 8, Windows NT (3.5 -4.0), Windows 2000 and up Server), Mac 0SX, IOS4-7.12.

    Software and Applications- Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Paint, MS Windows Media Player Adobe PDF.

    Networking, Software Development and IT Engineering- Operating Systems : Solaris, BSD, OS/2, numerous Linux Distributions (Red Hat Certification), “R” statistical Programming Language, C Programming Language, multiple NOS integration via SAMBA/LDAP/DNS coding, PERL and PHP scripting, Java coding, Apache Web Server Administration.


    Receptor Binding Assays, Single-cell recording/stimulation, microiontophoresis, intravenous drug self administration, drug-state discrimination, Conditioned Place Preference, Conditioned, Taste Aversion, Operant Psychophysics, Smoking Topography Analysis in Human Subjects, Stereotaxic Neurosurgery in rodents and primates, Vascular microsurgery in rodents and primates, basic histology of brain tissue, HPLC, GC and associated imaging software

  • Creating Sonic Atmospheres on the Guitar

    Driving lousy mics over the top with modal tunings and harmonics using nothing but acoustic guitars and kazoos and stuff...

  • TEACHING: Undergraduate/Graduate/Medical Students

    Introduction to Psychology, Physiological Psychology, History & Systems in Psychology, Information Technology in the teaching of Psychology and Psychological research (Seminar), Substance Abuse and Human Behavior, Sensation and Perception, Advanced Statistics, Learning Theories in Psychology, Developmental Neuropharmacology

  • Private Tutoring

    Certified by Wyzant
    for tutoring high school AP and college undergraduate students in Psychology, Biostatistics, Physiology, and Pharmacology


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