Gery Construction is one of the mind blowing transformation in the world of Construction. We offer credible and reliable structures suitable for the future technological infrastructure.
We offer crystal digital walls for that dream castle. We specialize in making peoples dream come true.


  • Executive Officer

    at Gery Construction

    January 1997 - at Present


    Our primary mandate is to make this world a better and more conducive in the world of Construction. In the recent times, we have looked into humanitarian activity and thought it wise to embark on a life changing foundation to support the humanitarian welfare. While we build our cities and homes, it is wise to remember our brothers and sisters who are undergoing serious life challenges, and to call on the good people so support our humanitarian activity. Our foundation also runs a School from Nursery to Secondary Level for over 1,620 children in a poor township, poor homes and from the Orphanages. We also raise and support people who are affected by natural disasters. For the past 7 years, we have being able to give 95% support to people with devastating condition. 60% of our source has always come from the good people who supported us. We are making effort to go beyond borders to meet the need of the needy.


  • Bachelor of Science

    at Alfred University

    1980 - 1985 (5 years)

Services offered

  • Engineering , Continuous improvement initiative, Construction Engineering, Humanitarian Services

    Engineering , Continuous improvement initiative, Construction Engineering, Humanitarian Services.
    We offer reliable, and credible services in all our civil engineering structures. We offer great humanitarian support to the orphans and people displaced by natural disaster. Our continuous Improvement Initiative is second to none


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