• Selectman

    at Town of Northfield

    July 2017 - at Present


    Town of Northfield Selectman Serves as Selectman and Administrative Officer of the Town of Northfield; directs and coordinates the administration of the town in accordance with Maine State Statutes, and with the policy advice and authority of the Board of Selectman. Coordinates short term and long range policy, planning, and development to address the needs and welfare of the town and its residents. Develops and initiates policy proposals and actions for consideration by the Board of Selectmen and town Boards and Commissions.

  • Security Forces Manager, Air Force Material Commands

    at USAF

    February 2010 - June 2012


    Contribute leadership and management skills in overseeing and facilitating Strategic level Security Forces as an enlisted leader in Air Force Material Command. Train, mentor, and motivate 2,750 Security Forces members protecting 100K personnel at 8 major installations and 9 plants and labs. Earn a stellar reputation as the advisor to senior leadership on operational, force development, personnel, and deployment matters, further illustrating exceptional communication skills. Allocate, administer, and manage $184 million budget, with a strong focus on maximizing use of resources while controlling costs. Apply security management expertise in providing industrial, physical security and operational security affecting all 10 units.


  • English Native