Hi my name is Gregory S Summers, I have just recently created myself a brand new business called Greg's Garden Consulting Services. This business is an online in Real - Time business only. I am located here www.ggcs4u.com


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    I love working independently on my own doing research in the Garden Field, so I may help others in Advising, Coaching, Guiding, Teaching so they all receive quality correct solutions for their Garden,s Landscape, interior Plant - Scape, Indoor / Outdoor Plant and Lawn care projects. I am hoping I can help them all to create Dynamic flowering, vegetable Gardens, Landscapes, Interior Plant - Scapes through my expertise advise.I am a former Horticulturalist, Master Gardener, Landscaper, Garden Maintenance person and have had the opportunity to have been a garden manager for the following three companies and I was there best; Fred Meyer, Ernst Hardware and Ace Hardware. If you live in the State of Washington come to my site and receive my advice and teachings about great plant, lawn care and Landscaping tips to save you tons of money. My pleasure to help! Sincerely, Mr. Gtregory S Summrs.


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  • Garden Consulting Services, and product web service site online in Real - Time.

    Greg's Garden Consulting Services ( GGCS ) We're open Daily 7 days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM for your Gardening, Landscaping conveniences. Greg's Garden Consulting Service is an advising, Coaching, consulting, guiding, teaching and garden product site. There are third party sites that are listed in our shopping sites area. Two of our biggest sponsors are; Amazon.com and an outstanding new growing company called Shoperies.com Please come and visit us today for great gardening advice at; www.ggcs4u.com I look forward to your business, in serving you and thanking you for coming., Most Sincerely, Mr. Gregory S Summers


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